Saturday, 1 November 2014

And In Today’s ‘Is This Really News?’ Story…

A 12-year-old girl was sent home from school on a non-uniform day because she had forgotten to pay a £1 donation online the night before.
Yes. And…?
Brenda Aciro, mother to Ternic, accused the school of bullying her child by putting her at risk of taunts from other children simply because she had forgotten to pay using the cashless online ParentPay system.
Oh, ffs…
Sydney Russell School in Dagenham has defended its actions saying the event had been advertised for weeks before and the school's policy on pupils having to work separately or being sent home was clear.
Well, clear to any normal person, anyway.

Sadly, the towering intellect that is Ms Aciro (Ed: Well, stands to reason..) just can’t cope with such things as consequences & parental responsibility to their spawn…
Ms Aciro, a nail technician and beauty therapist, said: 'To be told to go into isolation or be sent home because I didn't pay £1 is ridiculous.
'I just completely forgot to pay it.
'It's totally wrong because how can you punish my child in front of her class?
'That is a form of discrimination, of bullying, really.'
Oh, leave off the hysterics, it seems there’s a small detail you forgot to mention to the reporter when you posed for your photos, isn’t there?
A spokesman said: 'If a child arrives in school on a non-uniform day without school uniform but without having paid their pound, parents are phoned and given the choice of their child staying in school but working apart from other pupils or going home to change.
'We followed our protocols and phoned the parent to discuss what had happened but failed to make contact so called the second named contact supplied to us by the parent.
'The second contact agreed it was okay to send the child home to get changed.
'The rules are fair and we will always try our best to work closely with parents and pupils.'
So, if you’re upset she was sent home, speak to your contact.

If you’re upset she was ‘humiliated’ in front of her class, then have a word with yourself, because you are (supposedly) the adult.

You’ll find that having a tantrum in the local newspaper gets you about as far as it’d get your daughter…


Clarissa said...

Online? What happened to paying £1 to the teacher right up to and (if necessary) on the day?

Twenty Rothmans said...

Julia, can I be first to claim that 'Ternic' is an anagram for 'cretin'?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this charity blackmail anyway?
Sending a child out of school unnecessarily during the school day gives us some idea of the schools twisted priorities and the bad lesson it is teaching children about how important their education is.
Perhaps the school ought to remember that it's job is to ****ing teach children, not strong arm money for what ought to be an entirely voluntary act.

Furor Teutonicus said...

What the FUCK has this paying a pound go to do with anything any way?

As far as I am concerned that is EXTORTION! And Phisching!

"HEY IMBICILE! I HAVE no fucking on-line banking, I have no Internet, UNLESS you cunting bastards are going to fucking PAY for it!!!"

FUCK your pound up your fucking arses!

Even if they are niggers.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Thank you, Julia, love of my life. I was at the pub and didn't spot the 'Cairo' anagram as well.

Look at these idiots. Where's the father - at work?

I don't know who's more retarded - the school, for demanding some donation to a charidee, or Cretin for not gibbing her £1.

That is a form of discrimination
Most people here probably know some black people who are cool. She cannot get it though her thick, bony skull that we'd hate her if she looked like Audrey Hepburn.

I expect that she has a son called Darret.

andy5749 said...

I am with those who think that no school ought to extort money from children. To not wear uniform and not pay Danegeld results in shame. To not pay Danegeld and wear uniform results in shame. My conclusion; shame on the school.

Dioclese said...

It's a stupid policy and I wouldn't pay it on principle

ivan said...

In this I agree with the parent and ask just how secure is this on-line payment system.

Is the school going to compensate parents when there is a data breach and all the credit card details get hijacked? Another thing why is the school abdicating its responsibilities in actually TEACHING? By sending the child home the parents should have a case against the school for breach of contract.

Anonymous said...

Amnbush predator seems to endorse regulations for their own sake

Longrider said...

Yup, I'm with those opposed to the whole idea. Workplaces do the same thing. Cough up to dress down or cough up double not to. Eh? I refused point blank to dress down and paid nothing.

John M said...

Surely it is appalling for a school to segregate, humiliate and send a child home (thus missing valuable teaching time) simply for not complying with a forced charitable donation?

Does this school fine parents who take thier kids on holiday during term time?

Would the school have demonstrated a better example in maturity simply by asking fopr the donation in retrospect?

I think this is appalling,.

JuliaM said...

"Online? What happened to paying £1 to the teacher right up to and (if necessary) on the day?"

Digital is the future, Luddite!

"Julia, can I be first to claim that 'Ternic' is an anagram for 'cretin'?"

Ha ha, well spotted!

"Look at these idiots. Where's the father - at work?"

A more salient question would probably be 'Who's the father'...

"I refused point blank to dress down and paid nothing."

Yes, I probably would too.

"Surely it is appalling for a school to segregate, humiliate and send a child home (thus missing valuable teaching time) simply for not complying with a forced charitable donation?"

It's not forced. It's optional!