Thursday, 27 November 2014

When You Take The Moral High Ground…

…beware – you may be standing on quicksand:
Oxfordshire drivers committed more than 13,800 speeding and dangerous driving offences last year, new figures reveal today.
The figures, which show drivers’ home addresses but not where offences were committed, have been released by road safety charity Brake.
Road users have been urged to look out for each other as the charity launches its national Road Safety Week today.
The family of 10-year-old Freddie Perry from Didcot, killed in a road traffic accident last September, said they “completely supported” the campaign.
Well, that’s convincing. Who could possibly ignore the moral authority of a grieving family?
Freddie’s father Lea, 41, said: “I am more than behind Brake’s campaign.
“It makes me cringe to think other people will go through what we are going through, and they will. We are just trying to reduce that.
“We’ve all driven carelessly, I drive a bus every day for a living and I see people driving like complete idiots.”
Oh, indeed. And sometimes, you see people crossing the road engrossed in their mobiles like idiots too

I wonder why Brake doesn’t campaign about that..?

Or the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, for that matter, who is also climbing aboard the 20mph bandwagon?


MTG said...

Just slightly off-topic.

The intolerably vile Police Federation, feigning pursuit of the moral high ground in a Mafia-style faida against Andrew Mitchell...has proclaimed that colluding and corrupt plod cannot be touched.

Anonymous said...

"Just slightly off-topic"- unheard of from Melvin to continue his anti-police obsession!
Sad loser.You and Mitchell ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the Judge didn't mistake the 'educatid' tattoo on PC Tubby Rowland's forehead, as the first primitive sign of plod intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you would be supporting Mitchell Melvin.You are both pompous rude liars with the slight difference that he got elected.
Jaded the Pleb.

andy5759 said...

Plod, those who do plod, don't get tarnished with the politics and revenue side. They just plod along, doing their jobs in the manner decreed by the non plodding plods. Proper plods probably prepare plodding by suspending their disbelief at what they are told to do. Plod on.

Anonymous said...

Andy5759-you are perfectly correct!
Jaded (part-time Pleb)

JuliaM said...

"Just slightly off-topic."

Shocker... ;)

"Proper plods probably prepare plodding by suspending their disbelief at what they are told to do. Plod on."


Schrodinger's Dog said...

Has anyone else noticed that the victims of road accidents, as well as their next-of-kin, are the only victims who are given a public voice?

For example, when was the last time anyone saw the friend or relative of a murder victim being asked for his or her opinions on capital punishment, or even whether murder should continue to be punished by life imprisonment?