Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sounds Like An Open & Shut Case To Me…

Mr Shipley said that he would now be making a formal complaint to Essex Police on the grounds of "negligence and incompetence".
Well, he won’t lack for evidence!
Mr Shipley said that he was told by an officer from Essex Police at the scene of the incident that it was "not a criminal matter as the offending dog was not a dangerous breed of dog".
In other words, they thought they could fob him off.

I mean, the only other explanation is that they are woefully ignorant of the law, and since that’s their job
Later, after Mr Shipley had checked the law and contacted the officer again, he said the officer emailed him with a crime number and said the case was being transferred to police at Saffron Walden.
Aha! ‘Get someone else to take the flak’! That’s an old public sector worker trick.
Yesterday (Sunday October 19), Mr Shipley said he was told by another officer that as there were "no independent witnesses" and because the owner of the other dog "denies that her dog attacked mine, there is no way of knowing which dog bit me and therefore the police would be taking no further action".
Gosh, really? Well then, are we going to start applying that same criteria to rape allegations?

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