Thursday, 6 November 2014

Police Caught In A Lie…

…oh, sorry, not a lie, a ‘misunderstanding’:
Shocking CCTV footage recorded outside LetDirect on Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth in the early hours of October 9 shows a young man attacking the window for almost four minutes.
The video shows him violently kicking and punching at the glass, throwing what appears to be a brick before leaving the shot, only to reappear a minute later holding a ladder. He can then be seen charging at the shop front with the ladder, swinging at it 19 times.
The window had to be replaced at a cost of £1,200. The man was arrested by police and he admitted to causing the damage.
Wow, something even the police couldn’t scr…

However, he was not charged or given a caution. Instead police suggested a community resolution agreement, which unlike a caution does not result in a criminal record.
Wait, ‘agreement’..?

Well, if the business owner is happy with that, what’s the problem?
A spokesman for Dorset Police initially told the Daily Echo that the owner, Ersan Turay, had signed the agreement allowing the vandal to walk free.
She said he had agreed to community resolution and accepted a £125 payment from the man responsible for the damage.
See? It’s entirely up to the business owner, and if he’s hap..

After Mr Turay furiously denied this, the police spokesman admitted no paperwork had been signed - but insisted the agreement was made verbally and that Mr Turay had “made a mistake.”
“Nobody from the police has ever come to see me – it’s all been done over the phone and by email. I had never even heard of community resolution.”

You’d think the police would have a pretty good grasp of what can (and cannot) be proved, wouldn’t you?
The confusion was caused because another property rented out by Mr Turay on Windham Road had sustained £125 of criminal damage in a separate incident.
Mr Turay received a call from an officer who asked him to send an invoice for the cost of the damage of the Windham Road property, which he did.
But the officer thought the quote for damage was for the window in Old Christchurch Road instead.
And the fact that one person has had two claims of criminal damage (and therefore, the local yobs ought not to be let off with a caution) flew right over the head of the budding Poirot, I suppose?


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, if the scumbag had done something really serious like being rude on Twitter...

Antisthenes said...

All our public services;from government department(local and national), quangos, public sector organisations and the like are dysfunctional and not fit for purpose. They are inefficient, corrupt, wasteful and populated with incompetents. This is not a new phenomena it has always been as such. What is new is that there are many more of them these days and technological advances especially in communication are more easily bringing their deficiencies to light and more easily scrutinised and reported upon.

It is hoped that one day the majority of us will recognise the absurdity of the situation(the blogosphere and the MSM when they stop being partisan are major instrument to encourage that) and force the public sector to change and give us government and services that truly benefit those they are supposed to serve and not just those who work in it.

MTG said...

Gosh. May be less a case of the deliberate manipulation of crime figures than the result of three dim brain cells fried in equatorial office conditions.

And is it beneath the dignity of our diligent and scrupulously honest plod, to waste time denying suggestions of calculated mendacity? I think one can safely insert a 'Nope' there.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

A shopkeeping mate recently caught a child shoplifting (infact since the new school intake he has seen a massive spike in thefts). Fed up with being taken the piss out of he contacted the police.

The police suggested it be dealt with by CRA, that the miscreant apologise in writing and offer to do something to 'pay back' like sweep the shop floor!

As you can imagine, my friend was less than ecstatic about the idea of having the kid anywhere near his shop again, let alone sweeping the floor -which would have meant supervising him the whole time incase he stole something else or injured himself on a particularly sharp broom bristle and sued my friend for compensation.

CJ Nerd said...

Park Life!

CJ Nerd said...

Sorry Blocked Dwarf- that was aimed at MTG, not you, but was held up in moderation.

Anonymous said...

If the police were deliberately lying it would be a silly thing to do as community resolutions are actually more work then prosecuting the criminal.
This is a weak one again Julia but it kept Melvin happy.He could write a pompous post which he thinks is clever but it's actually quite sad.
BTW who's idea were these resolutions? This pointless soft government who I am ashamed to call Conservative.

andy5759 said...

When I call the police to report a crime I always ask for a crime number. Sometimes they do so gladly, other times they encourage me to not "crime it". It all depends on where they are in the budget year.

Anonymous said...

It's another case of 'public' lice but eventually politicians stumble upon a remedy. Even Miliband knows how much to drop in plod's begging cup.

MTG said...

@ CJ Nerd

Since that long, oxygen depleting hold-up in the birth canal, have delays defined you? :)

JuliaM said...

"On the other hand, if the scumbag had done something really serious like being rude on Twitter..."


"It is hoped that one day the majority of us will recognise the absurdity of the situation..."

Not while 'X Factor' is on...

"And is it beneath the dignity of our diligent and scrupulously honest plod, to waste time denying suggestions of calculated mendacity?"

They seem to have entire departments for this...

"The police suggested it be dealt with by CRA..."

If only that was a new term for a day in the stocks...

"This is a weak one again Julia"

You think so..?