Monday, 3 November 2014

A Rhetorical Question, I Presume..?

Mr Newstead also admitted affray and received a conditional discharge at a hearing in August.
He claims he is struggling to feed his large family (Ed: 10 kids? On a bus driver salary? FFS!) as he can’t get a job with any bus companies since being fired by Go Ahead for gross misconduct over the incident.
Really? Well, how surprising!


MTG said...

Mr Newstead is a contemporary hero. IMHO, he should never have pleaded guilty to affray. He bravely withstood an attack by cowardly yobs who were insistent upon interfering with the safety of public transport and repeated assaults upon the driver.

That the pair of scrounging, beer can toting hooligans even failed to turn up to their trial, speaks volumes.

The plea aside, I admire your stand Mr Newstead. Well done!

The Blocked Dwarf said...

I'm surprised that in this day and age where The Children and their Rights trump all other concerns that 23% thought the pair deserved a 'good hiding'. Almost gives me hope for humanity..fleeting hope.

Ted Treen said...

Mr Newstead is to be commended, IMHO.

Anyone standing up to anti-social yobs should be backed (and probably is) by the public-at-large.

andy5759 said...

That man should have been given a civic society award. He should not have to suffer for standing up to yobs. Maybe plod don't like us taking OUR law into OUR hands?

MTG said...

"Maybe plod don't like us taking OUR law into OUR hands?"

This has long been plod's attitude towards any citizen opting to defend family and possessions against night intruders. The once intolerable situation of many burglaries ending in the arrest of victims, only served to make burglary a more attractive crime to villains.

An escalating problem which required intervention by central government, persists in parallel areas of plodWork, where getting an extra easy arrest and conviction counts for more than commonsense...if a trace of the latter can be isolated from plodHead.

Northish said...

I like judging people by their names, so David wins Tyler every time.

JuliaM said...

"Mr Newstead is a contemporary hero. IMHO..."

Really? Someone who leaves his bus (with passengers) to indulge in a street assault, no matter how deserved?

"Maybe plod don't like us taking OUR law into OUR hands?"

As MTG points out, very likely!