Saturday, 29 November 2014

”Frankenstein and Dracula have nothing on you, Jekyll and Hyde join the back of the queue…”

A woman chewed off a chunk of her cousin's nose in front of horrified onlookers at a funeral wake, a court heard.
Ah. One of those sorts of funerals...
Savage Jodie Rutley, 21, was today jailed for 12 years for the shocking attack which saw her victim lose her entire left nostril. As the blood-drenched woman waited for an ambulance, Rutley went home and returned with two long kitchen knives.
The court was told Rutley had previous convictions for police assault and had two other reprimands for violence.
Hardly surprising!
Sean Grainger, mitigating, claimed it was the victim who first grabbed Rutley in the car park. He said: The defendant went far too far in what she did but we submit she was not the one who landed the first blow."
Meanwhile, in the very same paper:
A violent granny is starting a seven-year prison sentence for smashing a policeman in the face with his baton and breaking his jaw. Anne McQuilter was involved in a late-night large-scale drunken disturbance which two plain-clothed officers volunteered to help calm down. During struggles with the crowd in Redcar town centre,
Pc Steven McCrone, 33, dropped his extendable baton, Teesside Crown Court was told. Mother-of-two McQuilter, 41, picked up the asp, whacked the under-siege officer in the face and fractured his jaw, said prosecutor Sam Andrews yesterday.
Yes, you read that right. She's a grandmother at the tender age of 41...
Mr Abrahams, who also represented McQuilter, who has two grandchildren, said prison would cause sever (sic) problems for her family, who describe her as their "lynchpin". He told the court: "Her family are now the victims of her actions. They will be punished as a consequence and it is that, really, that is going to hurt her more."
Yes, I can see how the antics of their brawlin' gran could come as a bit of a sho...

The court heard how the grandmother has convictions for affray in 2004, and violence in 2009, and cautions for threatening behaviour in 2000, and assault in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Put them in the same cell and place bets on the victor anyone?

Anonymous said...

Pikey scum !

Ted Treen said...

A lynchpin of the family?

Possibly, in much the same way Ma Barker was, I suppose

Ian Hills said...

By 'eck, those Yarkshire women are so tough they're used as pit props, tha knows.

Pity the roof didn't cave in on these two and bury them.

Flaxen Saxon said...

I can quite understand how these sort of situations can arise. I remember distinctly gnawing off a fellow pupils facial appendage following a dispute over Tracey Wilkinson's affections. Lugless Douglas subsequently forgave me and, as punishment, I had to pick up litter and noses, from the school playground for the next two days. Of course this was the 70s and this behaviour was considered normal school ground play- we didn't have cell phones back then. Shame that Tipton Secondary Modern mysteriously burnt down the day after I graduated with a CSE in woodwork and geography (joint honours).

JuliaM said...

"Put them in the same cell and place bets on the victor anyone?"

It'd have to be shown well after the watershed!

"Possibly, in much the same way Ma Barker was, I suppose"

I thank you for the resulting 'Boney M' earworm.. ;)

"By 'eck, those Yarkshire women are so tough they're used as pit props, tha knows."


Ted Treen said...

Sorry about the earworm:- a Boney M earworm is definitely within my definition of "cruel & unusual punishment".

In my defence, I will point out that Boney M's little ditty was actually entitled "Ma Baker" - apparently they thought "it sounded better".

Yes, I really will try to get out more...