Wednesday 10 February 2016

Being A Bit Economical With The Actualité Here, Aren’t We?

A "devastated" relative has paid tribute to Tom Rossiter, after the man accused of deliberately running him over and dragging him 100 metres up the road in Swanley was cleared of both murder and manslaughter.
Following the verdict, Mr Rossiter's sister-in-law Gemma Lee paid tribute to a "loving father, husband, grandad and brother".
She said: "We as a family are devestated at the verdict.
"Tom was one of a kind - a friendly, loving father, husband, grandad and brother. "His death has left a massive hole in our lives.
"We can only be comforted by the thought of his honour Judge Carey handing him a high double figured sentence, if he does so.
"Thank you to all the witnesses, police and everyone who has supported us through this horrific time."
Oh, poor man! How did he meet this demise, again?
During a trial, Maidstone Crown Court heard that Mr Rossiter died from multiple, severe injuries after being hit by Erasmus Ahwoi's Kia Venga during a failed drug deal in Lynden Way in July last year.
Ah. Ok. Never mind. Nothing to see. File this one under ‘NHI’...


Libertarian said...

What's NHI, Julia? I can understand NHD for No Harm Done, especially in this case.

Anonymous said...

No humans involved.

Andy said...

No who men's involved. I'm just guessing here, Libertarian. Is that like a librarian with sixty shades of grey? Sorry, I'm feeling a bit Devilish tonight.

JuliaM said...

"What's NHI, Julia? "

Anon has it... ;)