Monday 1 February 2016

Now This Is Chutzpah!

Prithvijit Hoon, 63, displayed the blue badge in his car and parked illegally after failing to find a space near Croydon Crown Court, where he was attending a hearing on April 22.
He told Croydon Magistrates' Court, where he later pleaded guilty to fraud, that he was "said he was "deeply ashamed" of his actions.
I know what you’re thinking, ‘typical of the sort of lowlives you get in the dock’. I thought the same. 

But no, he wasn’t a defendant. He was a barrister!
He was fined £60 and ordered to pay costs of £325 on November 24.
That’s, what, an hour’s work?
Croydon Council later learned the badge had been issued by Ealing Council to Roma Hoon, Mr Hoon's mother, who died in July last year.
I wonder how the Bar Society views this sort of behaviour?


Anonymous said...

My sister in law was caught outside her solicitors practice using her husbands blue badge. Small fine and badge conficated. On appeal to the council the badge was re instated because of the husbands disabilit and she is now using it again

JuliaM said...