Monday 22 February 2016

It’s A Tough Game Of Victimhood Poker When All Players Have A Winning Hand…

Mary Nunn, 49, of Broomfield Avenue, Leigh, has a 23-year-old son, James Ireland, who suffers from spina bifida and finally had a disabled parking bay painted outside her home last Friday, after a year of going back and forth with Southend Council.
However, before the paint was even dry, a neighbour, who also has a blue badge parking permit, had parked in the spot and has yet to move his vehicle in five days.
Hmmmm. The problem being, of course, that he’s perfectly entitled to do so:
The bay is not specifically reserved for use by Mrs Nunn and her family but in retaliation she has parked her disabled access van across the end of her neighbour’s drive.
Oh. Retaliation. That’ll help.
She then told how she saw her neighbour attach two ropes to it and try to move the van, prompting her to go out and confront him.
She said: “He said if I parked across his drive again then he would knife me. My 13-year-old daughter was in the house, heard this and called the police and they arrested him.”
“The police said they’d seen lots of parking disputes but this was the worst. “When they asked him why he parked in the disabled bay they said he just responded ‘because I can’.
“The bay is not just for us, nurses need to park there when they come to see James, as well as spina bifida he has diabetes and epilepsy as well and needs lots of medication.
“I just don’t know why someone would park there, he’s got plenty of space on his own drive and it’s further away from his house. “
Then it sounds like he’s doing it deliberately to wind you up. And succeeding.

But surely the police can sort this out, even though both are from identity groups and so both ‘entitled’ to special treatment?
Police confirmed they were called to an incident outside Mrs Nunn’s home on Monday and that a man was arrested.
A spokeswoman for Essex Police said: “Police were contacted at 1.10pm on Monday, January 18 with reports of a disturbance outside an address in Broomfield Avenue, Leigh.
“Officers attended and arrested a 60-year-old man from Leigh on suspicion of making threats to kill. He was released from police custody and no further action will be taken in relation to the matter.”
Ah. It seems not.

The wisdom of Solomon would be required, and Essex Police usually lack the wisdom of Mr Bean.


Anonymous said...

Some people are just horrible c***s!

Anonymous said...

What's your solution then Julia? Sniping from the sidelines doesn't count.

Unknown said...

Given the speed with which the neighbour parked in the bay, apparently to his own inconvenience, one might wonder if this is merely the latest skirmish in an ongoing dispute?

Lord T said...

Disabled Man parks in Disabled Bay Horror. I can see the film now.

I remember the shock and horror on my old mans face when he went into town and some selfish b45t4rd had parked in his favourite disabled spot. To his credit he just drove on and parked in the bay next to it. Need to get him to forgive less easily.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

The offending disabled driver attempted to tow a vehicle away.

Q. How many disabled people does it take to attach a tow rope or two to a van? With plastic wrap around bumpers most tow points are underneath a vehicle. Can't be that disabled if he can get down on his hands and knees to fix a tow rope.

Anonymous said...

How about pave over your garden, knock down wall & get the kerb dropped? Problem sorted.

JuliaM said...

"Some people are just horrible c***s!"

Even the disabled..!

"What's your solution then Julia?"

It involves snipers. Actually, all my solutions do.

" might wonder if this is merely the latest skirmish in an ongoing dispute?"

A glance at the comments gives a 'Eureka!' moment...

JuliaM said...

"How about pave over your garden, knock down wall & get the kerb dropped? Problem sorted."

Not always allowable, if there's a bit of green space there.