Friday 12 February 2016

To Paraphrase, It Seems You Can’t Handle The Truth…

The family of a father-of-two found dead in a river months after he disappeared vowed “not to stop until we have the truth” after his seven-day inquest concluded with an open verdict today.
Yeah, you and OJ...
At North London Coroners Court today Mr Walker concluded: “I will record an open conclusion in this inquest, I do not know the sequence of events that led to and caused Mr Ball’s death.”
Mr Ball’s mother, Ruth Lovell, shouted to the court that her son had been killed in The Fox.
On hearing Mr Walker’s conclusion, she said: “I’m not going to stop until I get the truth. I’m not going to end it there.”
She claimed people had lied and their lies had been believed.
Well, I suppose a vast conspiracy is slightly more comforting than the thought your loved one got high on booze & coke (and probably weed), crashed his car and then fell in a canal and drowned...
Mr Walker said CCTV evidence and witness testimony had shown Mr Ball was drunk and high on cocaine, but not at the levels required to kill him.
It could have been possible that Mr Ball had left the wrecked car, stumbled towards the river and fallen in.
More than possible. I'd put it at probable!
Mr Walker extended his sympathies to the family and praised their efforts to find out what really happened to Mr Ball.
He said: “I’m not immune to how difficult this process has been for you. You have come here each and every day and listened to evidence about someone obviously so dear to all members of the family.
“And I would like to offer my profound thanks. We are here in this position because of all the hard work members of the family have put in.
“Your relentless determination to get to the truth and to not allow yourselves to be diverted in anyway or by any person is a courageous position to adopt and one I admire.”
You get praised now for shouting in a coroner's court an d calling it a farce? Good grief!

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