Thursday 4 February 2016

And Yet, It Never Seems To ‘Happen to Anybody’, Does It?

A shocked family have described how armed gatecrashers turned a child’s birthday party into a scene reminiscent of a horror film when they stormed into a house and repeatedly stabbed a man.
As it was – of course! – Croydon, you can imagine the demographic here…
Speaking outside the house today, his sister, Shurleene Fraser, 35, said the injuries could have been even worse if it had not been for the leather jacket her brother was wearing at the time.
She said: “He’s so lucky, because they tried to stab him in the heart. "[The paramedics] pulled up his top… I have never seen wounds like that. It was like they were cutting meat.
“When it happens to you, it’s so surreal. It’s like watching a film. It’s different seeing the blood, the gore.”
The party was being held to celebrate the 14th birthday of Mrs Fraser’s daughter Tai’ler.
Lovely place. Lovely people.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s knife crime team Trident are investigating the attack. No arrests have been made.
Mrs Fraser said: “My brother is stabbed up, we don’t know if he’s going to live or die. The knife must have been huge. Why would you bring that to a 14-year-old’s birthday party?”
Why indeed? One might also ask why, when anyone else would be attending the hospital with one’s injured relative, you saw fit to gather a posse and track down the miscreants?
After the house had been cleared of partygoers, Mrs Fraser and a group of adults drove to KFC in West Croydon, where they had been told the group of boys had gone.
She is convinced she came face-to-face with the people who attacked her brother, but was forced to call the police when her group found themselves surrounded in the restaurant.
She said: “When we saw them in KFC, its like they had hatred in their eyes. They were high on drugs."
Mrs Fraser said that one of the parents who came to pick up her child had driven straight from comforting the mother of David Darko, who was stabbed to death in South Norwood recreation ground last weekend.
It’s like they are incapable of learning, isn’t it?
She said: “It’s getting closer and closer to home, whether you’re black, white, Chinese, Asian – it can happen to anybody.
"This is madness, it needs to stop."
But it doesn’t ‘happen to anybody’. I’ve yet to see it happen to anyone Chinese, for a start!


Anonymous said...

'But it doesn’t ‘happen to anybody’. I’ve yet to see it happen to anyone Chinese, for a start!' For those of us with longer memories 'choppings' by triad gangs were a not infrequent occurrence in Chinatown in London in the late 70's and early 80's. The first anyone would know about it was when people missing limbs turned up at A & E. At least then they kept it in house and outsiders were rarely involved. The 'choppings' seemed to decline, probably because the gangs moved to other ways of making money that didn't attract so much attention.
The Croydon incident is sadly typical, the people involved won't break out of the cycle of violence they are in and nothing will change. All that can be done at the moment is to attempt to contain the problem. It won't get better as the 'community leaders', and I use the term very loosely, are in denial about the problem.
Wait for someone telegenic or a child of the political class to get injured then watch things change.

L fairfax said...

"Tai’ler." That isn't a real name is it?

Trevor said...

That isn't a real name is it?

I'm tempted to say that they're not real people, but the malign effect these low-IQ, high-testosterone, poor impulse-control, negligible-empathy fried-chicken munchers have on our towns and cities is all too real. And growing.

JuliaM said...

"For those of us with longer memories 'choppings' by triad gangs were a not infrequent occurrence in Chinatown in London in the late 70's.."

Inter-gang violence, yes. But this is affecting 'civilians' (albeit members of the same demographic) which that sort of violence in the 70s did so very rarely. *sigh* The gool old days, eh?

""Tai’ler." That isn't a real name is it?"

Someone got hold of the script for 'Avatar 2' is my best guess..

"And growing."

Growing fast.