Friday 19 February 2016

So Is This Just About Ensuring A Non-Level Playing Field?

What more to say about this new policy that Longrider hasn’t already covered, and so eloquently, too?

Well, there’s just this one little squawk that caught my eye:
Amnesty International’s UK economic relations programme director Peter Frankental condemned the move, warning it could encourage human rights violations. The Conservatives have been accused of turning a blind eye to Israeli human rights abuses in the past.
“All public bodies should assess the social and environment impacts of any company with whom they choose to enter into business relationships,” he said. “Where’s the incentive for companies to ensure there are no human rights violations such as slavery in their supply chains, when public bodies cannot hold them to account by refusing to award them contracts?
“Not only would it be a bad reflection on public bodies to contract with rogue companies, but it would also be bad for responsible businesses that are at risk of being undercut by those that have poor practices.”
You mean, those companies that have embraced the SJW outlook then find that they aren’t competitive as a result? Well, tough luck!


Andy said...

I bet that their fancy office printers carry more Israel tech than Japanese. Ooh, what about the Bridge Over the River Kwai? Bang goes just about all of your modern stuff if you boycott Japan because of past human rights ishoos.

JuliaM said...

Oh. undoubtedly!

Greencoat said...

Let's hear it for Israel!!!