Friday 12 February 2016

It’s Their Culture, Part 587924

Three teenage yobs, two of them just 13 years old, caused mayhem on a commuter train on the East Lancashire Line. Blackburn magistrates heard the youths were aggressive and threatening to other passengers and refused to pay their fare. The train was eventually stopped at Rishton until British Transport Police arrived.
But because of the delay, the train,which should have travelled to Blackpool South, had to terminate at Preston causing difficulties for many passengers.
Bah, they are only fare-paying passengers. Who cares about them?
Scott Ainge, prosecuting, said the boys had been harassing other passengers and had approached two girls and asked them if they were lesbians. Other passengers were annoyed and the conductor was asked to intervene. He asked for their tickets and they said they didn’t have any.
“He asked them for the fare and they made it clear they weren’t going to pay,” said Mr Ainge.
“One of them called the conductor names and when they were asked to leave the train at Rishton they refused.”
Mr Ainge said another passenger became involved and there was a scuffle. The guard called the police and while the train was waiting at Rishton there was further trouble between the boys and male passengers who wanted them to get off. When police arrived they removed the boys from the train but they all gave false details.
*rolls eyes*
The teenagers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to unacceptable behaviour on the railway, travelling without paying the fare and obstructing a police officer acting in the execution of his duty. They were made subject to six-month referral orders and their parents ordered to pay £85 costs, £50 compensation to the train guard, £15 victim surcharge and £1.65 compensation to cover the fare.
Well, that was pretty lenient. Who were these yobs anyway?
Gareth Price, defending, said his clients, who were from the travelling community, all accepted there had been some misbehaviour on the train. He said none of them had been in any kind of trouble before.
Oh, stop! My sides! I just can't take any more!


John M said...

SUch a shame that the law and odern train designs do not allow for thedoors to be opened between stations, in tghe middle of nowhere, so the little fuckers can be pushed out and haave to walk the rest of the way home

Flaxen Saxon said...

Aren't gypos lovely and source of wonderment?

Ted Treen said...

Being some sort of 'Member of the Travelling Community' - aka vagrant, crook, etc., seems to be a miraculous "get-out-of-jail-free" card these days. As with the recent "refugees", the powers-that-be appear to be venerating those who wish to take everything we have and offer in return only contempt and hatred, yet our authorities threaten us (who pay for everything) with the direst of consequences if we don't roll over and acquiesce - and heaven help us if we protest! Time to revise Wat Tyler's agenda, methinks.

JuliaM said...

"Aren't gypos lovely and source of wonderment?"

You spelled 'bewilderment' wrong. I can only echo Ted's call for Wat Tyler's return...

Anonymous said...

Four ghastly little shits of same origin, ringleader about twelve, held up a train from Guildford, abusing and spitting at random. They were finally surrounded by a group of burly men led by the guard, none of whom could lay a hand as they well knew. When the police finally arrived, ringleader was heard on phone to his Mam that they'd be home soon.