Tuesday 23 February 2016

Just Consider It A Blessing For Our Gene Pool..

Pedestrians will only stop attempting to cross the A127 if a bridge or underpass is built, a councillor believes.
A boy, 13, died on Monday night after he was struck by a car on the Southend-bound carriageway near the Mayflower retail park.
Barriers and signs urging people not to cross the dual carriageway near the retail park, which has been labelled a fatal accident site, were installed on the central reservation following a double death in 2003.
However, the signs have failed to deter pedestrians from risking their lives by dashing across the road to access the shops and restaurants.
I’m guessing they are people we can do without, frankly.
Nigel Le Gresley, Ukip county councillor for Wickford Crouch, will ask the authority if any further steps can be taken in light of Monday’s death.
He has also urged the public to understand the dangers of crossing the stretch of road, which has a 70mph speed limit.
Mr Le Gresley said: “There are signs all other the place, so what more can be realistically done?
“The only answer is to put high barriers the whole way along, so your only option is either to get a taxi or go around the long way.”
But the sort of people who think nothing of crossing a busy A road because they can’t be arsed to go the long way round think they have another answer:
The A127 is closed in both directions due to a protest relating to a death on the road on Monday night. The road has been blocked near the Nevendon junction, leaving traffic in both directions at a standstill.
One witness to the incident suggested on social media the incident was due to a protest by people calling for a footbridge to be built over the road.
A car which formed part of the blockade has been emblazoned with the words: "We want a footbridge how many more".
Frankly, as many as you’ve got! It can only increase the average IQ in the Basildon area.

Essex Police think their role in any such event is to pander to an identity group, or course:
Essex Police says it is "continuing to engage with the community" after a protest involving up to 30 people and six vehicles brought the A127 to a standstill for more than five hours.
"This was a very highly emotive and sensitive situation and public safety – for those involved in the protest and road users - must always remain our priority in such incidents, especially on such a busy road.
"We would like to thank drivers for their patience while we worked hard to resolve this incident and apologise for the delays caused to them.
"This was a very difficult situation and we are continuing to engage with the community today and work with our partners to address the issues concerned.”
Did the poor drivers have any real option, Essex Police?


Curmudgeon said...

In the 1970s, a lot of footbridges were built across busy roads that in practice never get used because it's too much like hard work.

Lord T said...

To be honest I would have though a footbridge would be cheaper than high railings. At least then anyone that gets run over not using it has nothing to complain about.

Ted Treen said...

Or they built underpasses, which quickly became no-go areas for anyone who was neither psychopathic nor criminal.

ivan said...

Darwin award contenders?

Anonymous said...

but why did the cops allow the blockade for 5 hours???


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the signs should read "Why Not Apply A Darwin Award?" or something similar.

JuliaM said...

"... that in practice never get used because it's too much like hard work."

Sprinting across two or three lanes before a Mercedes van mows you down seems like hard work too!

"Perhaps the signs should read "Why Not Apply A Darwin Award?" or something similar."