Thursday 25 February 2016

Well, He’s Just An Animal, Then….

A boy with ADHD broke into a school and caused £1,815 of damage because…
*fetches popcorn*
he felt “compelled” to do so, a court has heard.
Really? Does he have no self-control?
For the defence in Wednesday case, Mr Stuart-Mills said the boy’s ADHD restricted his ability to act freely.
Ah. Like an animal, who will obey it’s instinct and defecate where it likes, eat what it can get to and attack if it feels threatened.

So, why is he left to roam the streets, when an animal must be tethered or secured or under someone’s control?
Chief magistrate David Hartshorn extended the boy’s referral order from six to nine months and waived the victim surcharge. “You have got to help yourself,” he said.
Fat chance of that! The use of the word ‘extended’ is significant. It seems he was already subject to a referral order.

Much good it did.


Ted Treen said...

ADHD - or as it used to be called, naughty and deserving of a good belt round the ear.

JuliaM said...

The over-medication march continues...