Monday 15 January 2018

Island Life...

A 17-year-old boy suffered a suspected stab wound to the head and seven others were attacked after a mass brawl erupted in a street.
Oh, which street? Where?
Police were called to a chaotic fight involving a large group of people, reportedly up to 30, on Runnymede Road, Canvey.
Oh. Say no more....
In total, seven people told police they had been assaulted, with one 17-year-old boy claiming that he had been hit with a motorbike crash helmet. A woman, 19, had been struck with a belt.
Police attended the scene but did not to (sic) make any arrests.
Why not? Are they allergic to them?
The community policing team increased patrols across the island following the brawl.
What for, if you're not going to make any arrests?


jack ketch said...

Why not? Are they allergic to them?

I'd guess because the quickest way to turn a 30 drunks/ethnics/spicers street brawl into a riot is for a few coppers to start arresting left right and centre. What you want -if there are no serious injuries- is to disperse them asap before things get all 'Norfolk' (like bringing pitch forks and chainsaws to a street brawl).

JuliaM said...

Don't bring 'a few' - bring the TSG! Better yet, get some French riot police over, for a bit of entante cordiale...