Friday 26 January 2018

That Drive For 'A More Diverse Police Farce'... really paying dividends, isn't it?
Detective Constable Kirsty Anderson – who worked in a domestic violence unit – used her own police force’s computer to threaten Michael Hall, 36, and his new partner, telling them: ‘Life will be hell.’
The jealous detective, 39, even told Mr Hall to watch his two sons who ‘could disappear’.
Lovely! I guess she's representing the 'dim chav' population?
She also threatened to spread untrue rumours Mr Hall’s new girlfriend Sarah Stroud, 37, was HIV positive and said she would petrol bomb Miss Stroud’s home while her daughter, aged five, slept.
No work for professional standards here, though. She has, of course, resigned. I thought they were trying to prevent this?
The court heard Anderson – who has resigned from the force – had a ‘raft of mental health problems’.
Ah, my mistake, she clearly represents the 'mad as a box of frogs' demographic.

One might wonder if the people that employed her might have a few 'issues' too....
Judge Abdul Iqbal granted her bail on condition she did not contact the victim or his girlfriend and told her she could be jailed.
Could be...?


jack ketch said...

"Judge Abdul Iqbal "

One of the Surrey Iqbals I presume....?

Anonymous said... mean that there's a real possibility of a punishment, as opposed to the customary compensation for yet another Shit-For-Brains Plod Perp, Abdul?

JuliaM said...

"One of the Surrey Iqbals I presume....?"


" mean that there's a real possibility of a punishment..."

No. See future post!