Thursday 18 January 2018

Council Incompetence Part 579214558

Brighton and Hove City Council said the tree was blocking the pavement and ordered Mrs Hasler to take action within 14 days.
Marcia Hasler, 76, received the letter on the day she returned from two weeks in hospital for emergency heart surgery.
Well, if her tree is at fault, then...

Wait! Is it her tree?
It later apologised after discovering it was a council tree – but a month later it has still not pruned it.

Still, a mistake anyone could make?
The letter, signed by highway enforcement officer Gail Barnett, begins: “It has been brought to our attention that vegetation that appears to be coming from your property is now growing over the public highway causing problems for pedestrians.”
On the reverse of the letter is a photograph of the tree, clearly showing it is planted in the pavement, four feet from the edge of the pensioner’s house on Chelston Avenue, Hove.
Ah. Yes. A mistake any incompetent, slapdash council worker with no fear of the sack could make...
After the Haslers complained, the council apologised in writing.
Let's see the letter! I bet they got something else wrong!
Brighton and Hove City Council did not respond to The Argus’s request for a comment.
Probably wise...


Ed P said...

Maybe Gail couldn't see clearly through her "Barnet"!

Pcar said...

Typical council/public-sector.

To: Public: do this now, within 14/28 days or we will fine you. Do not reply, we won't listen.

From: Public: fix this pothole, broken xyz
Reply from Council/public-sector: we can't afford to do it, cuts, whine, maybe next year - unless it's "diversity" or "sustainability". Ha, ha you can't fine us and if you withhold payment we will fine you.

Ted Treen said...

I've said it before, and I see confirmation daily: a desire to seek public office should be grounds for disqualification.

JuliaM said...

"Maybe Gail couldn't see clearly through her "Barnet"!"


"...a desire to seek public office should be grounds for disqualification."

We'd do better selecting for it, like jury service, wouldn't we?