Tuesday 2 January 2018

Well, I Guess It Wouldn't Be Pie & Mash Or Jellied Eels...

A Brockley artist has created a unique fashion range that pays tribute to...
The Navel* College at Greenwich? The Royal Observatory? The historic parks?
...south London's love of the chicken shop.
Chicken Shop Clothing features T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies that are "a homage to fried chicken and growing up and living in London – the capital of the chicken shop.”
The garments are each emblazoned with the name of a town in a design inspired by chicken shops and their logos.
 How things have changed, indeed!
This is a great Christmas present to give someone this year - who wouldn't want to look stylish in chicken shop attire?
Who indeed..? Have you thought of making them out of Kevlar?

* D'oh! 'Naval' *shakes fist at autocorrect*


Mr Ecks said...

WTF is a chicken shop when its at home?

Do they bite the heads off live ones?

Anonymous said...

The “Navel College “ ? Rilly?

Ted Treen said...

@Anonymous: Maybe it teaches gazing, to aid self-awareness, introspection and contemplation. Or it could be the curse of the autocorrect.

Pcar said...

@Mr Ecks

Chicken shop def. Where brainless humans congregate and talk pidgin orig. headless chicken running around

HTH, init

JuliaM said...

"WTF is a chicken shop when its at home?"

Ah, you musty live in a mercifully unenriched area...

"The “Navel College “ ? Rilly?"

That'll teach me not to proofread!

"...Where brainless humans congregate and talk pidgin..."

Probably eat them too.