Tuesday 2 January 2018

So, Where's The Weapon?

Aydin Eldeniz, 28, was found by dog walkers in Northlands Park, Pitsea, with a stab wound to the chest at about 5.20pm on Monday, December 18.
Despite paramedics best efforts, he was pronounced dead at the scene and police launched an investigation.
A murder investigation?

Well, yes. At first.
Essex Police initially launched a murder investigation but also said that they were considering the possibility that Mr Eldeniz stabbed himself.
So where's the weapon? If it's suicide, it'll still be in the victim, or at least, nearby.

What does the pathologist say?
Speaking to the Echo, his sister Ayla Kaygusuz said the family are desperate to find answers and paid tribute to the “gentle giant”.
She said: “We are disappointed as the police cannot make a decision regarding Aydin’s death.
“The pathology report was inconclusive and showed a 50/50 chance of murder or suicide. The body now hangs in limbo awaiting a second post mortem.
“He told me and other family members that “they” were after him and that he didn’t have much time left. Those were his exact words. He wouldn’t say any more because he said that it would put me and my baby in danger.”
Ayla added: “Aydin had never had any mental health issues. He had never been on any medication. He had no gambling problems and no drug problems either.
“He was making plans for the future. He wanted to book a holiday for the summer and told me three weeks ago he wanted to teach my son how to drive when he grew up. Aydin was not suicidal.
“He was always smiling and was full of life. He loved cars and music. He was an amazing uncle to my son. He was my baby brother and he was everything to me. I loved him like he was my own and I miss hearing his voice.
“We are desperately seeking justice for what happened.”
If you weren't relying on the competence of Essex Police, you might just stand a chance...
Police have confirmed they are keeping an open mind and investigating a number of lines of enquiry.
One to watch.


James Higham said...

One has to adore modern police investigations. Decide which one from ten would be easy enough to investigate, investigate for awhile. Get tired. Go and play ficky ficky games in migrant carnivals.

staybryte said...

Being a gentle giant is fraught with danger. Almost as hazardous as being a cheeky chappie or a lovable rogue.

Robert said...


Fahrenheit211 said...

Starbryte or a 'promising young footballer/ aspiring rapper'

Pcar said...

...or an "inspiring ambitious legend of the community" drug dealer criminal

#chav #suicidebycrime #SblDtm cough

JuliaM said...

"One has to adore modern police investigations."

They don't seem much like the ones in modern TV dramas, do they?

"Being a gentle giant is fraught with danger. "

Well, quite! I can see a new meme forming.