Wednesday 31 January 2018

When Is An Increase Not An Increase...?

Well, for heaven's sake, don't ask a Southend councillor!
Tony Cox, councillor responsible for transport, says the changes will benefit visitors and businesses.
“I don’t accept this as an increase in parking charges. We’ve frozen parking charges unlike the previous administration when charges rose extortionately.”
It doesn't really matter whether you 'accept it', does it? It clearly is an increase!
The change will mean those who wanted to pop into town for an hour for £1.10p will now have to fork out £1.90 for a two hour ticket.
A three hour stay costing £2.70 will, if the plans are agreed by cabinet, cost £4.70 and and a previous £5.70 five hour ticket will go in favour of six hours at £6.60.
One might ask if you're trying to shackle people to longer hours in a vain attempt to prop up the beggar-ridden, increasingly empty high street...?

That is, of course, exactly what you're doing:
He said: “A lot of people are meter feeding. We want to ensure people do stay. With one hour’s parking people are coming back to put in another hour and by doing that it works out more expensive.
“By doing this we increase revenue as as (sic) helping businesses in the High Street by ensuring people stay longer.”
And if that doesn't work - and it won't, judging by the comments! - what next? 


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