Tuesday 23 January 2018

"Are We Absolutely Sure This Is A Job For The ARV, Sarge...?"

"...I mean, it is Hartlepool. Did Albert Pierrepoint retire..?"
Cleveland Police launched an appeal to find the owner of the German Shepherd, which officers described as "increasingly aggressive as time went on", after it was discovered in Hartlepool over the weekend.
It's good to know that the police have abandoned their usual tactic of letting aggressive dogs sit in kennels for months, eating their way through taxpayer funds, though if some poor sod has to tie them to a telegraph pole first, well, it might not save much money.

But at least it means even the most hapless 'marksman' shouldn't be able to miss this time.

And it's not a German Shepherd, it's thought to be a Caucasian Shepherd. A pretty distinctive breed, so you might think the local cops would have had an idea who it belonged to. Until you realise it's hard to judge dog breeds when you never leave the patrol car!

The RSPCA are, for once, rather quick to spot the PR disaster looming, and very adroit at getting out of its way:
A spokesman for the RSPCA told The Independent: “This was a difficult and distressing police-led incident with an outcome which no one wanted."
Translation: "Don't blame us! We wanted to give it love & cuddles but the big gruff policeman said no! Please keep giving us money!"


Anonymous said...

Let me just check the police database for who owns a Caucasian shepherd. Oh that's right there isn't a database for dog ownership. But don't let that stop you having another ignorant dig.

Custard Cream said...

Do dog licences not include the breed then? That's a bit silly.

Anonymous said...

Dog licences? Deary deary me. We don't put kids up chimneys anymore and rickets has more or less been eradicated. Australia has been colonised as well.

Anonymous said...

With shit for brains, never blow your nose 'to' hard, WC Jaded.

Anonymous said...

Hooray. Mr Tinfoil is back.

Anonymous said...

It's a Caucasian Shepherd dog. According to Wiki they grow to 100kg and were bred to survive in the mountains of the Caucasus and fight off predators such as wolves and bears. It seems they are trained to operate individually and if trained properly are protective of the herd they are looking after, distrustful of strangers and require expert handlers. What an ideal dog to keep in Hartlepool, still, judging by the mawkishly sentimental remarks it must have been the peoples Ovcharka.
Tell me what your ideal response would have been using real world resources and not fantasy dog whisperers and darts whilst ensuring public safety? I'm not waiting for a reasoned reply as a sit and sneer approach to those who actually have to deal with these problems works for you. Hindsight is always an exact science isn't it? For me if a vet or someone similar said that it couldn't be captured or sedated your options are reduced considerably. I'd pay to see you and your keyboard commandos deal with it.

JuliaM said...

"Oh that's right there isn't a database for dog ownership. "

It's a distinctive dog. One that a beat bobby might recognise. Who needs a database?

"Do dog licences not include the breed then?"

We abolished those long ago. They served no useful purpose.

"...still, judging by the mawkishly sentimental remarks it must have been the peoples Ovcharka."


"For me if a vet or someone similar..."

So you can't think for yourself? You just obey orders? Hmmm...