Friday 5 January 2018

At Last, Someone Understands!

Ms Horton said that environmental health officers went to check out complaints from neighbours about the barking of Davies’s dog.
“The officers heard prolonged barking," she continued. "It could be heard from inside a nearby shop.
“On another occasion, the barking could be heard from the first floor of a property in another street through the windows.”
Ms Horton said council officers tried to work with Davies but he kept breaching noise abatement orders.
She added: “This had a detrimental impact on the local community and the daily lives of residents.”
And what did the tattooed miscreant have to say for himself?
Davies, who represented himself in court. said: “My dog barks. I do accept that.
What I don’t accept is that it was a nuisance. Other dogs in the neighbourhood barked.
“I feel I am being victimised. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own home due to this.
“I moved about eight weeks ago and have had no complaints about my dog.”
Ah. Predictably, he's the victim!
Jane Morton-Humphries, chair of the bench, fined Davies £576 and ordered him to pay £620 costs and a £57 victim surcharge. She ordered him to pay the £1,253 total at £50 a month.
Davies said he was already paying £50 a month for other court matters.
“I can't pay £100 a month," he said. "I just can’t.
“If I’m forced into bankruptcy, I’m forced into bankruptcy.”
He whines more than his mutt. But for once, the magistrate wasn't having any!
Ms Morton-Humphries said: “This is a fine. It is a punishment.
“It is not to fit to your circumstances.
“I am saying you have to pay this fine.
"You earn £2,500 a month and that is well above the benefit limit.
“If the fine is not paid then there are other methods that can be used.”
Excellent! If he can afford the tattoos, moving house & a large noisy dog, he can afford to pay his fines. And if he won't, over to the bailiffs!


Pcar said...

Eric Davies represented himself - invariably foolish. I'm sure WPC Jaded would have told him that after bullying a juvenile & his mother to accept a caution with no need for a lawyer.

£2500pm Gross is >£300pw Net, total fines of £25pw should be manageable.

Oi you said...

He's a personal trainer on £2500 a month?! Geez, I think the fine was rather low, considering. Whatever he is on to earn so much, I want some of it...


Scott said...

£2500 a month before tax is nearly as much as I earn, a degree-qualified engineer with 20 years experience behind me!

Also I have a great many outgoings from that monthly pot o'cash, understandable considering I'm the sole breadwinner for a young family, something this chap doesn't appear to have. Yet I don't recall any of those outgoings being one existing standing order to the UK courts, let alone two.

JuliaM said...

"£2500pm Gross is >£300pw Net, total fines of £25pw should be manageable."

Yup. And if they aren't, then he needs to reevaluate his spending.

"Geez, I think the fine was rather low, considering."

Me too!

"...something this chap doesn't appear to have."

We can but be thankful for small mercies, given the likelihood of them turning out like him.