Monday 8 January 2018

Not Even Trying, Are You, Benjamin?

In mitigation defending, Benjamin Hargreaves, told the court: "His explanation is that he had been on a combination of drugs and alcohol and had been on a bender. He needed more money, and the shop was one of the first places he'd pass on his way home."
Back to Defence Lawyer Excuse School for you, mate!
Judge Kemp said the robbery demonstrated the "appalling effects of drinks and drugs on otherwise perfectly decent men".
Oh, judge! Honestly! 'In vino veritas'. Thought you were all good at Latin?
Horsted, dad to a four-month-old girl, was sentenced to three years in jail for the robbery to run concurrently with nine months for breaching suspended sentence.
Hardly a 'perfectly decent man' if he's already got a suspended hanging over him, is he?

Still, in the face of justice system failure, at least we can keep our sense of humour:


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