Friday 31 March 2023

Perverse Decisions...

Well, the trial finally concluded.
The court heard how seven-and-a-half stone Mrs Barnes 'simply mistook' his large five-storey seaside home for her hotel after travelling more than 100 miles from Birmingham to the seaside resort for a £95-a-night break.

They make it sound as if she was just tired, and it was a mistake any sober person could have made... 

The retired factory worker had purchased a bottle of gin on a seaside evening stroll before seeking out her B'nB. But she mistook Redfern's large seafront home called Belmont House for her intended hotel - and tipsily went into the wrong home, straight up to bed, unpacked and poured a gin nightcap.

There's little sympathy for a man finding a drunken stranger in his bed, is there? 

Adjourning sentencing until Friday, Mr Justice Bourne told him: 'You are remanded in custody. You have been advised what the sentencing decision will be.'

And still no indication how she got in. As Ivan pointed out in comments, he didn't seem the sort to leave his door unlocked, did he? 


Bucko said...

So she was only tipsy?
And she poured a gin nightcap? So when she bought the bottle of gin on her walk, she also bought the tonic, ice and limes? And found a glass in the kitchen? Or was she drinking it neat from the bottle?

I find it easy to judge this woman harshly

Geoffers said...

"I find it easy to judge this woman harshly" - harshly enough to drag her downstairs by her ankles then kick the shit out of her?

Because that's the question at hand; was the response justified? I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

Bucko said...

Geoffers - I was just commenting on her actions, not his. If I had to comment on him, with what little info we've been given, I'd say it was unjustified

Anonymous said...

After finding her in one of the bedrooms, he called the 71-year-old a ‘thieving c**t’ and ‘scumbag’ before he ‘stamped’ on her and threw her onto the street, Caernarfon Crown Court was told.

Tragically, Mrs Barnes, who had actually been intending to stay at the Wavecrest B&B just a few doors down from the property, died in the street from catastrophic injuries, including three broken ribs, that resembled a ‘high-speed car crash’.

Longrider said...

Dragging her down the stairs and beating her to pulp, leaving extensive internal bleeding isn't a rational response to trespass. He ruptured her liver for crying out loud. It was murder and justice has been done - albeit the sentence is on the light side. How she got in remains unanswered but is irrelevant as the response was way over the top and that is the matter in hand here. I'm with Geoffers on this one. Any reasonable, sane individual would have removed her without a violent assault.

JuliaM said...

"I find it easy to judge this woman harshly"

Yes, I think that's what irks me almost as much as the justice system weilding the hammer with such glee, when other murderers get treated with kid gloves.

Or charged with manslaughter, as he should have been, in my opinion.

"...catastrophic injuries, including three broken ribs, that resembled a ‘high-speed car crash’."

Old bones. And the liver damage could well be attributed to her habits.

"It was murder and justice has been done..."

I think - given the other instances where a manslaughter charge has been the outcome of some horrific violence (like this one: - we'll have to agree to disagree, on this at least.