Thursday, 16 March 2023

Fine Words, At Last...

...sadly, that's all they turn out to be.
A district judge had blasted Wiltshire Police over its handling of a dog attack in Corsham. It came as Charmaine Paul, 34, pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dog that whilst dangerously out of control caused an injury to a postwoman on 10 August last year.

It's a familiar tale, except for the outrage from the usually supine judiciary... 

Kate Prince, prosecuting, said that the pet had remained with the family after police conducted checks and decided not to seize it.
In response, District Judge Joanna Dickens angered: “I’m really concerned about that, this is actually quite a serious incident and quite honestly, I’m appalled. It should have been seized pending the outcome of the hearing.”

Perhaps they had a great excuse not to seize it, Joanna? 

Defence solicitor Mark Glendenning said his client bought the dog during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020, and it “did not have the opportunity of proper socialisation”.

Oh. Perhaps not... 

Ahead of sentencing, Judge Dickens said: “I’m very surprised, I’m not happy with how the police have dealt with it at all. They should have taken the dog away initially until it came to court.
“It’s not just a miniature poodle or something, you chose to bring that dog into your house. It’s a large and powerful dog and you seem to accept in your interview that it can ‘go a bit mental’ when people come to the door.
“You have extra responsibilities to ensure people are safe. We hear all the time, every day there are tragic incidents where people are killed; you don’t need me to tell you that this could have been a lot more serious.
“Post men and women risk this kind of thing every day, dogs are high risk to postal workers. For her, it was very, very frightening and it will have a long-term effect.”

So, you've ordered the beast destroyed? 

Judge Dickens imposed a contingent destruction order, which will remain in place for the dog’s lifetime.


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