Wednesday 15 March 2023

Nice Sentence...

...but who is going to monitor it?
Two men have been banned from owning dogs for three years under new get-tough powers designed to target poachers.
On Tuesday, February 21, Colchester magistrates handed David Hilden and Tyron Young the disqualification orders in what is believed to be a national first after the pair each admitted a charge of daytime trespass in pursuit of game.

Are they local boys who just like dags..? 

The court heard both men had travelled to the Saffron Walden area from south London with dogs which were to be used to poach game.

From Croydon, I'll bet. 

Investigating officer PC Nigel Wright, of Essex Police’s rural engagement team, said: “The poaching of wild animals is extremely cruel but it can also cause a lot of damage to crops and farmland, which is very costly for the land owner or farmer.
“Dogs are integral to poaching and I am delighted that the magistrates were able to use this new legislation to deprive these two poachers of any access to dogs, even just walking someone else’s, for the next three years.
“We look forward to working with the CPS to have these disqualification orders applied in cases of hare coursing and other poaching offences in the future.

But unless someone monitors them, how will you know that they are effective? 

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