Monday 6 March 2023

"I had to drive to Cardiff to knock on doors myself because they were doing s*d all."

The three childhood friends disappeared 48 hours ago after a night out in Newport, South Wales. Relatives say that something 'must be wrong' as family members hunted for Sophie Russon, 20, Eve Smith, 21, and Darcy Ross, 21, last seen at about 2am on Saturday morning in the Llanederyn area of Cardiff. They had travelled there from Porthcawl in a VW Tiguan, registration number VE64 YLB, with two men from Cardiff - Rafel Jeanne, 24, and Shane Loughlin, 32 - who had also been reported as missing.
The response is pretty much the same as that recent case in Scotland. Seems the police this side of the border aren't any better...
Sophie's mother Anna Certowicz, 42, was driving around the Gwent and Cardiff areas last night in a desperate search for her daughter - after police officers told her to 'stop ringing' the station for updates.
She told the Daily Mail: 'I think they assumed that Sophie was hungover somewhere, but she's a sensible girl who works in a bank and hasn't taken a day off for three years. 
'The police asked me to stop ringing but at the end of the day I'm a mum I'm going to worry. Her little sister is worrying too, she's only 13 and she's wondering where Sophie is.'

Given it's Gwent Police, the response isn't that surprising at all... 

A Gwent Police spokesperson said: 'If you have any information please call us on 101, or you can DM us, quoting 2300071791. 'All five are also urged to get in touch with us to confirm that they are safe and well.'

Well, now the crashed car has been found you can go back to your doughnuts, chaps. Or is it Welshcakes? 


MTG said...

Three lives that might have been saved, were lost to an incompetent plod response. And because plod are such idle bastards, another two seriously injured victims rushed to hospital from the accident scene this morning, may swell the death toll as further victims of donought-scoffing shifts.

Gwent plod have despatched teams of specially trained wailers and spies to victims' families, as routine woke and blame-shifting procedures.

Anonymous said...

Big place Wales. Where would you start Julia?
Five adults without any warning signs go missing? Not a priority compared to missing children or lone females for example.
Crystal ball needed.

MTG said...

"Crystal ball needed."

Une énorme merde, Jaded. To define the repulsive and vile elements of a plod character.

Anonymous said...

Oh the usual straw-man argument.

Maybe 'if' they bothered to look for those missing children and lone females that would be pertinent. But ... we know that they're sitting in the station, searching farcebook and twatter for 'bad-think' not doing that, don't we?

Confirmation bias and the elitist nature of the police. They only deal with scrotes and the shiftless, so they automatically assume anyone and everyone is just that. The fact that normal, responsible adults don't just drop off the face of the earth without notice is apparently something they never even considered, instead of writing them off as 'just some drunken yobs sleeping it off somewhere, like we see daily'. That and the fact that mere MOP's just aren't worth bothering with, right?

"Five adults without any warning signs go missing? Not a priority"

I just bet if one of them was related to a 'copper' there'd have been helicopters and search-parties galore. One rule for them, another for 'one of us' right?

Most people now realise just which 'side' the police are on, and ... there 'will' be consequences.

Anonymous said...

I have no inside information on this incident but my spidy sense is telling me that the driver- whichever man he was - was over the limit for drink or drugs. They had pulled these three girls to take them somewhere and shag them but on the way the driver was showing off.

Anonymous said...

I’ve just googled how many miles of roads there are in Wales. There’s 21000. But apparently the lazy police can search them all overnight .

MTG said...

"But apparently the lazy police can search them all overnight" " spidy sense is telling me..."

More of a stink-tank than a think tank, WPC Jaded may disgorge more gems on 'there' latest horror story, as the chain of events unfolds and police divers abandon searches of the River Taff (reeds excluded).

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to apportion blame when all of the facts aren't yet known. How many of them had been drinking/taking drugs? Who was driving? Cause of the car crash? Was another vehicle involved or was it the driver's inability (drink or drugs?) to remain on the road? Were any of the 5, especially the blokes, known to Police? There were comments that the crashed vehicle had been at that scene for some time. Doesn't anyone in Wales wonder why it's there and contact the Police? Perhaps crashed card are a usual (normal) sight in Cardiff.
Let's wait and see what the investigation reveals before the usual Plod blaming trolls continue their self masturbatory criticism of anyone in uniform. I've been in situations like that and, unless you have the power of hindsight, things don't always turn out the way you see on an hour long tv programme (with adverts).
Meanwhile, my thoughts go out to the families concerned.

johnd2008 said...

MTG, I don't know what has caused you to hate the Police so much (and I really am not interested) but please ,give the hatred a rest for a while.

Anonymous said...

21,000 miles?

I'm not a highly trained, highly paid and full of themselves police officer but ...

Maybe considering where they were last seen. When they went missing. Then maybe use some of those cameras in the most surveilled country on earth for what they were claimed to be for (instead of just for ogling someone the monitoring officer fancies, or stalks) could narrow it down a bit. I just bet we could get it down to a couple of roads and a few miles in minutes, if anyone cared, or could be bothered. And that's before we use the (let's pretend it doesn't exits) mobile tracking software plod use daily (amazing as it may seem but even mountain rescue can define, to the meter, where a missing hiker is if they're carrying a mobile, let alone five).

But ... you just keep on making excuses and revealing just how representative of the 'modern force' you are.

MTG said...

@ Penise

You must store it as voluminous 'cut and paste' paragraphs. You know, the mundane mush which is most easily recognisable as your own by its consistent dreariness and obligatory references to onanistic self-abuse.

It's this routine procedure which makes your efforts slightly entertaining, Penise. Especially the follow-up post under an alias which always endorses your last comment. Most folk would simply brand it as habitual puerility but I really do appreciate a measure of unwitting tragicomedy.

Anonymous said...

More details emerging today.
They drove 85 miles….but surely the police checked Cctv in the countryside?
The mother drove past the accident site three times by coincidence….but surely the police should have spotted the car in the undergrowth?
Making their way to a caravan site…..that says it all

Anonymous said...


I live in the "countryside" (one of those so out of the way places there is no bus service, no passing traffic, supermarkets refuse to deliver 'so far out' and courier services charge as if I lived in the Outer Hebrides) but every junction within twenty miles has a camera.

Now address the mobile tracking issue I mentioned, if you would.

The issue isn't that the police 'couldn't' locate them, it's that they couldn't be bothered/decided not to.


I totally agree but ... the police 'judged' their disappearance as of no concern 'before' the facts, which they couldn't be bothered to check. But that's OK, right?

I get that there are multiple demands (often someone else's job) on police time, but when they repeatedly and consistently prefer to do irrelevant 'political' roles over 'what they are paid for' the public 'rightly' has had enough. (We 'know' that the response would have been 'very' different if the mother had reported them for making 'bad-think' comments on Twitter, be honest, don't we?).

Anonymous said...

Far too many of you on here watch Vera or Midsummer murders or the Bill for your police references.
Grumpy old DCI walks into the cid office and barks out orders.
“You check Cctv along the route “
“ You check the victims bank account “
“ You track the suspects mobile phone”
Within 5 minutes all the DC’s are eagerly telling the DCI the results and he grabs his coat and storms out of the office to solve the case.
Meanwhile back in the real world….what time did these people leave the nightclub? So a PC would have to sit for hours watching the camera on the exit.Eventually after hours he sees them leave. They turn left and walk down the high street and get in their car. The car goes down a street without cameras and disappears. The PC then sits for hours watching nearby cameras at real speed hoping they pass another one. They might not of course.
Phone tracking….very expensive and needs a warrant because of privacy. Often only done in murder cases but this was a missing persons enquiry.
Bank statement usage also has privacy issues and when the drug driver bought his illegal substances I doubt he got a receipt.
I return to my original point that these were five young healthy adults and under current guidelines would not have been a priority when reported missing. Easy to be clever after the event though?
All the papers are missing the point in their desperation to blame the police- who or what caused the crash? Or is that the police’s fault as well?
I wonder how many officers were on duty that Saturday night and how many other calls they were dealing with? Once again on tv there is an endless box of policemen ready to be deployed and squads formed whenever a crime is committed.

Anonymous said...

“So a PC would have to sit for hours watching the camera on the exit”

Another exaggeration (lie), all cameras are monitored by private companies, so not one police officer would be involved beyond (the onerous task of) requesting the information (whilst doing ‘more important stuff’). Many years ago (pre two careers) I personally worked in such a monitoring centre and ‘regularly’ (as in daily) fulfilled requests from police for ‘us’ to locate footage on specific people/vehicles (and given a description and location it was neither particularly hard or time consuming, and no warrants were ever needed, merely a "legitimate and defensible justification").

Phone tracking ‘is’ (allegedly) severely limited and costly but … we all know (and the cases are now legion) of police ‘misusing’ it for “personal reasons”. Also another not quite accurate (deliberately false) answer, as cited mountain rescue (in agreement with cell-phone companies) can, and do, ‘ping’ a phones location as needed. No ‘tracking’ just ‘locating’ (to exclude any further semantic avoidance).

“five young healthy adults” and “who or what caused the crash?”

And yet again ‘you’ are avoiding the point. Yes they were adults, yes the crash cause is relevant, but the fact that they ‘simply disappeared’ and despite a request from family no-one ‘could be bothered’ to look for them. There is a (traditional, worldwide, defined, official and required) ‘system’ of ‘notifying a designated individual’ for hikers, travellers, etc. whereby should you not arrive/return they will notify emergency services to locate you – ‘you’ (the police) have just made that entire system collapse. The family, the designated contacts ‘knew’ they were overdue and missing but … ‘you’ knew better (and were much too busy, monitoring twitter, to … do your job).

“I wonder how many officers were on duty that Saturday night”

And I wonder just what percentage of the ‘modern force’ only work Mon-Fri, 9-5 in nice, safe, air-conditioned offices doing irrelevant, woke jobs. More than were on duty I’ll guarantee.

I find it ‘amusing’ you disparage the TV trope presentation of the police when … you rely entirely on us believing it. The plucky, grumpy, over-worked police officer endlessly patrolling, succeeding ‘alone’ in identifying, locating and arresting sundry criminals. When reality shows … you’re too busy sitting in the nick, turning away any desperate MOP who begs for assistance, and using any ‘jobsworth’ excuse ‘not’ to do the job (whilst arresting anyone small and inoffensive enough for a ‘safe collar’, and ignoring scrotes and ethnics committing crimes because ‘they might resist’). >90% of ‘modern policing’ is done by technology and/or other people, and the one unique, vital role you provide … you can’t be bothered to do any more. And Pense wonders why people have a low opinion of police now.

Anonymous said...

Let's agree to disagree shall we? You are clearly a self-proclaimed policing expert and I've been a PC for 30 years so what do I know?

Just to let you know-by constantly mentioning "monitoring twitter" you show your true colours. It undermines some of your quite relevant points. Also are you on a bonus for using (brackets) the most on the internet?

Once the toxicology report is published as well as the accident investigators findings the baying crowd will go quiet. We will hear the expressions- "lovable rogue" "trying hard to put his life right" "looking for a job" "great dad to all his kids".

MTG said...

Bent plod + half a chance.

In this scenario, toxicology samples taken from the five are already spiked or in the process of being spiked.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, “if you can’t argue the facts, concentrate on the irrelevant minutiae”. How … predictable (did the nasty ‘parentheses’, not “brackets”, scare you? You’re showing your educational level there, yet again, I’m afraid).

I spent 30+ years in HM forces (some of it instructing the embarrassingly, literal idiots in police firearms teams) and then 10+ in the NHS, and your 30 years a copper might once have meant something. Now, it shows the exact opposite of what you think it does.

You still don’t understand the outrage do you? Whatever the cause, whether they were angels, devils or just average is irrelevant, they didn’t deserve to be abandoned to die because ‘you’ were too busy salivating about arresting someone for bad-think (like ‘praying’ to cite a current example or perhaps covid if you have any shame left) instead of doing the job you are paid for.

I’ve never claimed, unlike you, to be an expert at anything but, merely one of those 'pitiful' and despised MOP's … when any questioning, or god forbid criticism of the police, results in the ‘usual responses’, you get the universal ridicule and revulsion you deserve (you don’t see it because you don’t socialise with mere MOP’s, right? You 'think', stretching the terms usage, it's because you're superior, but it's mainly because 'the public' hate, despise and avoid you. The police, going from respected to despised in one generation, by the actions of lazy, incompetent, woke idiots ... like you).

Oh, and I’m not sure what you (and your 'keen' coppers intellect) think my mentioning Twitter means, but I not only don’t have an account (or facebook or any other ‘you’, as a matter of documented record, monitor and censor) but I never have.

Anonymous said...

Look on the Facebook page of the driver. It links to other pages and shows Cctv of the car with the 5 occupants. The two males can clearly be seen inhaling gas canisters and balloons. Must be the police’s fault .
Another friend of the women involved states that the police were tracking their phones . The helicopter was checking the general area where the car crashed.?

MTG said...

@ Anon 15:38

Detailed efforts supplied to an 'educatid' plod (in the hope of assisting her grasp the essence of this issue) are exercises in futility. The WC is flush with sciolism whilst your grammar and sentence construction are crystal clear. I applaud your interesting views and intelligent observations but I suggest you forego any temptation to correspond with fools.

Anonymous said...

You really couldn't make this up could you?

Would that be the cctv that would take hours/days to find and drag some poor overworked copper off something important (like her lunch break)?

Would that be the phone tracking that takes a warrant and is hardly ever used (honest, pinky swear)?

Helicopter? Yes, but 'when' did that occur (only 'after' the uproar at the uncaring dismissal hit, I bet).

It's ... almost as if you make sh*t up to cover-up for laziness and incompetence /sarc.

And ... the fact that you reference Facebook, that you never, ever monitor, is just hilarious.

I see now why Pense (and other 'real' police officers) despise you too.

Anonymous said...

Had Penise not been such a prolific W⚓ at work, he would never have been asked to take early retirement and become an even bigger jerk-off in front of neighbours.

JuliaM said...

"Three lives that might have been saved..."

The post mortem will tell us that. I hope.

"Big place Wales. Where would you start Julia?"

In the expected direction of travel for their known destination, perhaps?

"Confirmation bias and the elitist nature of the police. They only deal with scrotes and the shiftless, so they automatically assume anyone and everyone is just that. "

It certainly does seem that way, doesn't it?

"I’ve just googled how many miles of roads there are in Wales."

But why would they need to search in Snowdonia, Jaded? They will have known where they were heading, as it now transpires...

"Were any of the 5, especially the blokes, known to Police?"

Well, facts are coming to light now that indicate they could well have been...

"I get that there are multiple demands (often someone else's job) on police time, but when they repeatedly and consistently prefer to do irrelevant 'political' roles over 'what they are paid for' the public 'rightly' has had enough."

Yes, this is indeed the crux of the matter, isn't it?

"Once the toxicology report is published as well as the accident investigators findings the baying crowd will go quiet. "

Will it?