Monday 20 March 2023

That'll Teach Him!

Ooooh, a stern warning!

Curtis Taylor, 29, was arrested when police found him with blood on him after being called to reports of an assault on Duxbury Drive, Bury. Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Taylor, of Seddon Avenue, Radcliffe, "maintained he had been playfighting" but matters escalated when police dropped him off, only to have to rearrest him when he went straight back to Duxbury Drive.


Ms Laverty told the court how Taylor, who has 24 previous convictions for 31 offences, ended up spitting at one of the officers and he was arrested for common assault on an emergency worker. He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity on July 13 last year, but this marks the second time Taylor has been brought to court for this crime. Taylor was last brough before the court in September last year, with his sentence deferred until now which had given him another chance to avoid prison.

And he treated it just as you'd expect. 

Michael Lea, defending, argued that Taylor still deserved credit for having pleaded guilty and told the court that he had been working at trying to improve his behaviour.

Heh! Good luck with th...


Judge Angela Nield agreed to defer Taylor’s sentencing again...


...but warned about what the consequences could be if he fails to improve his behaviour.

What would they be, then, Angie baby? As far as I can see, none. 

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