Wednesday 8 March 2023

Let's Turn This Around...

John Bull, a native English community advocate on the Isle of Wight, said she doesn’t condone the attack but is deeply familiar with the tensions that permeate the case.
“The threat of outsiders coming in … brings a lot of sadness for English people who are trying so hard to hold on to what little piece of paradise we have left,” she said.
Attorneys for the defendants say it wasn’t the victim’s race that provoked them, but his entitled and disrespectful attitude.
“I am 82 years old. I have lived here for 50 years,” said Kumar Patel, a Muslim retired teacher who lives near the defendant’s family.
I’ve learned in England, coming from the outside in, it’s a good thing to live by the people around you and not tell them to live by you and your values.
No, it's not the latest Muslim outrage, because the 'Guardian' apparently sees no problem with that, it's a very different case

Strange how it gets an almost sympathetic hearing, isn't it?

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microdave said...

"John Bull" said SHE doesn’t condone the attack??? - The country has gone down the pan, and that's not just the opinion of an old (former Tory voting) racist bigot. Even immigrants wonder what the f*** is going on: