Monday 13 March 2023

Questions Any Child Can Answer...

'Because you and all the other media outlets rolled over to let him tickle your tummies, you spineless lapdogs'. 

There. Wasn't so hard, was it?

We all remember chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance — aka ‘Gloomster’ and ‘Doomster’, or was it the other way around? These and other officials emerge from the multitude of WhatsApp messages leaked to The Daily Telegraph as happily acquiescing in the Government’s authoritarian approach, even when they doubt whether particular draconian policies are necessary.

We all remember how you failed to question any of those policies. Did you think we'd forget? 

Many of the exchanges between the Health Secretary and his advisers are shocking. I am amazed they haven’t led to more coverage on the BBC and in pro-lockdown newspapers such as the Guardian. Is it because these media outlets are ashamed to have embraced the policies of a politician who now appears so flawed?



Judd said...

Meanwhile, where are the revelations about massive increase of doses administered of Midazolam/Remdesivir, then there's the thorny issue of the shots, you know the ones they tried to hide the test results of for 75 years...nothing to see here move along now.

Lockdown? don't make me laugh, anyone with an ounce of common sense awake at the time could have told you was wrong from about week 2 into the '3 weeks to flatten the curve' Johnson howler.

Those of us who actually graft for a living never stopped working normally, nor did we take part in Bills experiments, not did we mask up because it was futile, nor did we take a blind bit of notice of lockdown other than enjoy the clear roads.
Still here still healthy, unlike far too many who did as they were bidden by the ghouls.

It wasn't all Midazolam Matt's doing, though he's presumably the chosen patsy, has he agreed to be, what could be the reason for that one wonders.
There's legion of them in our govt, parliament, civil disservice, institutions, quite apart from the third rate celebs etc who showed their true colours calling for aparthied, forced medical experimentation denial of NHS services you name too much of the western world too.

We remember who they are, some of whom busily backpedalling as we speak now the blinkers are being lifted from so many eyes.
Lots of squirrels being pointed out, its what they arn't pointing at that should concern one most.

Dr Evil said...

Protect the vulnerable and carry On. We do that for flu and Covid infection is similar (but getting weaker and more infectious as it mutates into a cold). I signed the Great Barrington Declaration. No-one has ever made a true vaccine against Corona virus as it mutates much faster than 'flu virus. I know that and so should Whitty et al. Lockdown was unnecessary as long as the truly vulnerable (old and sick and those with impaired immune response) were protected. Said so back in 2020 and for the past 3 years +.

JuliaM said...

"...anyone with an ounce of common sense awake at the time could have told you was wrong from about week 2 into the '3 weeks to flatten the curve' Johnson howler."

Spot on!

"I know that and so should Whitty et al."

They do. They aren't stupid, there merely took a gamble that enough of the population were that they could get away with it...