Saturday 10 September 2011

David Lammy Speaks!

And as usual, the words are pure effluent:
The Independent Police complaints commission has been criticised by the MP David Lammy for leaving the family of Mark Duggan "floundering" and for failing to robustly communicate its independence after his death.
How do you ‘robustly communicate independence’ when the people you’re talking to don’t actually want to hear it..?
Addressing the actions of the IPCC in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, he criticised its failure to demonstrate its independence clearly.
It’s independent. It even has the word in its title. Everyone with an IQ above room temperature (I accept this does exclude the woeful ‘Mastermind’ failure...) knows this.

What more can they do?
"I am not sure the communication of the IPCC worked. The need for an active, visible press conference where they say they will get to the bottom of this quickly – that did not happen."
They can’t say ‘We will get to the bottom of this quickly’ because they don’t know whether they can get to the bottom of this quickly. Surely that's obvious to all reasonable people?
Speaking to the Guardian after the committee, Lammy said: "The central challenge to the IPCC in relation to a community like Tottenham is to establish their independence and that is still a work in progress – they still have a job to do."
‘A community like Tottenham’, eh?

Just what does Lammy mean by that? Does he mean they have to find a few police guilty of something to appease the populace? Whether they are guilty or not?

Come on, Lammy, speak up! Or are you going to ‘pass’ on this one?


Anonymous said...

This idiot MP represents an area with a large black population.Do you honestly think he is going to tell Duggans family that he deserved what he got? Turkeys don't vote for xmas.

Captain Haddock said...

Its not as if Lammy has a vested interest .. is it ?

I mean .. perish the thought ..

Anonymous said...

"Turkeys don't vote for xmas."

A feather in your cap, Jaded. Most 'with an IQ above room temperature' ought to see it.

Xopher said...

Hot News - Lammy just Googled 'Room Temperature'.

Anonymous said...

So you are criticising me for agreeing with you now Melvin?
PS Laugh out loud moment for me on another post when you described yourself as "not anti-police".

Anonymous said...

Lammy's a prawn - however the IPCC is more Incompetent Poodles of Constabulary Corruption than independent. The independent bit was ruled out before its inception when the cops retained control of which complaints get investigated - this should have been civilianised. No one who deals with them thinks they are independent, and some of their investigators don't believe it.
Still, Lammy's a prat vying for votes.
Great scenes outside chez mois just now - three cops surrounding an ice cream van - another hi-tech industry gone brown.

MTG said...

Good evening, Jaded.

Re your High Noon comment; I will make a final attempt to convince you of my pro police stance. I am purely anti corruption and advocate a National purge of lazy, corrupt, rude, unecessarily aggressive and ineffective police.

I am happy to observe patience and good manners with police who stop me or otherwise require any assistance. I expect at least as much in return but a smart appearance and good personal hygiene do tilt the scale of reciprocal civility.

If you must blame middle England for unreasonably high standards, please content yourself that an unreasonable percentage of modern police never try to meet public expectations.

MTG said...


Anonymous said...

Lazy corrupt rude aggressive ineffective.........just need "doughnut munching" for a full house.
How would you judge each PC worthy of your high standards?

JuliaM said...

"This idiot MP represents an area with a large black population."

Indeed. And perhaps it's time he stopped treating them as a monolithic block, and stopped listening to the activists and vested interests, and started acting like...well, like a 'leader of his community'.

Yeah, and pigs might fly!

"Hot News - Lammy just Googled 'Room Temperature'."


"Great scenes outside chez mois just now - three cops surrounding an ice cream van - another hi-tech industry gone brown."

Another flasher? ;)

Anonymous said...

Lammy could not care less about anyone. He is concerned about his career and social climbing. The police should not have shot Mark Duggan. They should have arrested him etc. Lammy is a friend to nobody. He is a weak Uncle Tom. He is MP for Tottenham and should have supported a peaceful vigil which it was. Turning around saying he is not supporting gangsters is unaccepted and shows that he is a hipocrit. The Daily Mail and the rest of the gutter press were the ones stirring up trouble and misrepresenting his family. All the sheeple and hate brigate jumped on the band wangon. I think David Lammy is a disgrace, too weak and too much of a bum licker for me.