Monday 12 September 2011

Why Is He A ‘Boy Racer’..?

…surely a more accurate term is ‘attempted murderer’?
A boy racer has been found guilty of dangerous driving
Wait for it, wait for it…
… after he chased a terrified pedestrian along a pavement at high speed after randomly picking on him late at night.
And it was clearly a case of him and his scumbag friends cruising for a victim.
In the early hours of May 1 last year Mr Beattie was walking back from a night out along Albion Road, Bexleyheath, when he spotted the car.

As he reached the roundabout leading into Townley Road, a dark coloured Corsa with a driver and three passengers pulled up next to him and offered him a lift.

Giving evidence, Mr Beattie said: “I thought it was a strange request and I obviously declined. I said ‘Thank you anyway’.”
Not that that deterred them…
Jurors heard the car then reversed the wrong way around a roundabout towards three girls.

Mr Beattie dialled 999 before the occupants of the Corsa returned asking for a lighter.

He told them he did not smoke.

The jury heard the vehicle drove off but performed a U-turn and the driver asked Mr Beattie the way to Dartford, before becoming “abusive”.
Phoning the police proved to be a mistake, too:
Mr Beattie told the court: “He said: ‘You had better not be on the phone to the police or you are going to get a beating’.

“I continued to walk and the operator could hear what was happening and he said: ‘Run now, bang on someone’s door and try and get away’.”
Great advice.
Ryan, of Maple Road, Dartford, is then said to have driven onto the pavement and driven directly at Mr Beattie.
And for this, he got…. No, go on, guess!
Ryan was sentenced to nine months at a youth offenders’ institution.


Scum on wheels said...

I do hope the boy racer is a quick learner. Nine months isn't long in prison (or whatever it's named to make people feel better) to find out all the chav and scum ways to mug, threaten and steal from people.

First rule of scum club: don't get caught, sunshine.... which rather makes the threat of thumping someone for calling the police appear not to have worked. Unless that comes later when boy racer is free again...

MTG said...

Extremely promising traffic police material here.....detection and conviction aside.

Oh wait, contemporary criminals are now ploddified regardless. Remember the golden rule, son....when not equipped to deploy the trusted 'gun in sock' dodge, always arrest and charge your victim.

John Pickworth said...

Hardened scumbag thug driving a Vauxhall Corsa?

How embarrassing. Let loose on the streets with an offensive weapon... mummy's car!

JuliaM said...

"First rule of scum club: don't get caught, sunshine..."

Although the consequences aren't worth fearing.

"How embarrassing. Let loose on the streets with an offensive weapon... mummy's car!"

Oh, I expect this'll have been a heavily-modified version, spoilers and exhaust seem favourites.All the better to display your inadequacies.