Friday 16 September 2011

How ‘Promising’ Is Three A-Levels At ‘C’ Grade?

A promising young man who couldn’t find a job turned to dealing heroin and crack cocaine, a court heard.
Awww, don’t you just hate it when that happens? Nothing at the Jobcentre, so obviously the next step is dealing drugs.

Or selling your body, if you’re pretty.
Zacharia Huseen, 21, was caught selling the Class A drugs to an undercover cop in Basildon.
Lesli Sternberg, prosecuting, said Huseen, a former student who gained three Cs at A level, was filmed selling the drugs to a police officer, posing as a drug buyer under the name Nicky, twice in the town.
Is that all? Three Cs? No wonder he’s unemployed!
The court heard unemployed Huseen had no previous convictions, and got involved with drug dealers after struggling to afford to live on benefits.
That’s because benefits aren’t supposed to provide you with a lavish lifestyle, but allow you to eat while you find a job best suited to your skills.

Which, in Zacharia’s case, is….I dunno? There’s lots of fields around Basildon. Scarecrow? I know it’s only seasonal, but….
He had become frustrated at continually being rejected following job interviews, after leaving college in 2008.
Makes you wonder why he was rejected, doesn’t it?
Judge Ian Graham sentenced Huseen, of Roslyn Road in Tottenham, North London, to 12 months in prison, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, as well as adhere to a curfew between 9pm and 7am.
The judge said: “I’m dealing with you on the basis you were acting as a delivery boy and were no higher up the chain of supply.
“You’ve had the benefits of a stable background and a good education and that cuts both ways, in that you should have known better than to get involved in this.
“I take the view this is a lapse that is completely out of character.”
Well, we’ll see. I know one thing, his less-than-stellar qualifications are going to be even less impressive to potential employers now they are tied to a criminal record.


MTG said...

The value of three C's at A level?

At risk of a wildly conservative, these probably equate to a couple of 1924 Deutsche Marks. Shijuro will have a good idea; he obtained a fifty seven variety pack of them at one sitting.

Mick Turatian said...

...1924 Deutsche Marks.

I don't think so: the Deutsche Mark was introduced with the 1948 currency reform.

1924 was on the cusp twixt the (rather short-lived)Rentenmark and the Reichsmark.

Poor old Germans - so many changes of currency and they've gone and ended up with a dud one again.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Zacharia Huseen

Now there's an interestingly cross-cultural name. Poor lad must be offly confused; surely mitigation enough for his entirely out-of-character misdemeanour, one would have thought.

Kevin said...

Sure you're not confusing A-level with GCSE? Three Cs is not to be sniffed at as A-level results, but 3 Cs at GCSE won't even get you a job at Maccy D's these days.

O-o level said...

Three Cs... easy. Lots of kids have got them:

Cocaine dealing, Chaving and Cheating the system.

John Pickworth said...

Private enterprise. I love it.

Instead of benefits why - stick with me a moment here - why don't they hand out little bags of white powder at the job centres? Send the industrious but jobless out on the streets to deal some small packages of happiness to others. I mean, clearly there's a willing repeat business from bored plain clothed police offices that needs satisfying. They could get Noel Edmonds to front a 'Deal or No Deal' publicity campaign. Maybe?

Obviously, managing a business with unlimited upper-earning potential won't be for everyone and should perhaps be restricted to those leaving our fine learning academies with at least 2 A levels. For the rest, a simple check of their JSA claim forms might reveal more suitable positions. For example, someone enjoying teamwork might be offered a role in enforcement? Someone who wishes to work with animals would be steered towards a place on the drug mule program.

Plus. As drugs are essentially derived from plant material its a green industry too and therefore might attract significant EU grants.

I don't see any downsides, do you?

banned said...

"3 Cs" = The new scraped a Pass, and employers know it.

blueknight said...

..and ordered him to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.
So he did get a job in the end...

Anonymous said...

It strikes me Melvin's Deutsche Mark fantasy might set up the right metaphor Mick - that C's at level are worth about as much qualification as a potential future currency! He's complicated is our Melvin ...

Druggies aren't looking at much time until they are caught as three-time losers with a fair stash.

JuliaM said...

"Now there's an interestingly cross-cultural name. "

Isn't it just!

"Lots of kids have got them:

Cocaine dealing, Chaving and Cheating the system."


"As drugs are essentially derived from plant material its a green industry too.."

That's inspired.. ;)

"Druggies aren't looking at much time until they are caught as three-time losers with a fair stash."

Well, that's on the cards for Zacharia now.