Saturday 24 September 2011

What’s So ‘Extraordinary’ About It?

The father of Damilola Taylor today launched an extraordinary attack on the justice system, claiming his son's killers are being freed early because riots have left jails over-crowded.
And just why is that considered an ‘extraordinary attack’?

As far as I can see, he’s quite right.
As Richard Taylor prepared to meet David Cameron today, he told the Standard that "the whole justice system of the country needs reform".
Yes. It does. This is not a unique viewpoint, either.
Mr Taylor said he had opposed Ricky Preddie's release especially since he was initially freed last September after serving half his eight-year sentence but recalled after being seen with gang members. He said: "I asked the probation office to keep him there until 2013 and they turned down my request. The guy has no remorse, he is not repentant about what he has done.

"He has already broken the terms of his licence and it looks like he is ready to get back into criminality again."
I find nothing at all ‘extraordinary’ in this statement. Does anyone else?


Jiks said...

What he said sounded entirely correct, reasonable and whole lot calmer than I suspect I would be if I was in similar circumstances.

I suppose it is "extraordinary", implying crazy or wrong, in Orwellian double-speak as it was niether of those things.

Paul in Nottingham said...

Personally speaking if they threw away the key it would solve the problem of whether to let him out early or not

Paul in Nottingham said...


How about an article on this climate related madness

Life for life said...

What's extraordinary is someone has publicly voiced what many of us feel in private.

The murderers we cannot eliminate, but we can make sure they don't eliminate anyone else. Ever.

Tattyfalarr said...

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. - George Orwell

Those capable of delivering it are shocked...shocked I tell you...that this man is actually demanding justice. Whatever next ?

Anonymous said...

"I find nothing at all ‘extraordinary’ in this statement. Does anyone else? "
Perhaps it is extraordinary that he is surprised.
Or maybe extraordinary that he thinks Cameron will change it.

I hope he succeeds but to be honest I think he has more chance of winning the lottery!

John Pickworth said...

I'm all for giving someone a second-chance but if this individual is allowed out early and then immediately breaks the terms of his release, then clearly 4 years wasn't long enough mend his ways.

Send him back.

While I think the riot excuse is stretching it a tad (the killer having been initially released before the rioting) he's certainly within his rights to voice his concerns... Extraordinary? Hardly.

Hexe Froschbein said...


JuliaM said...

"How about an article on this climate related madness"

Ooh, cheers!

"What's extraordinary is someone has publicly voiced what many of us feel in private."

Plenty of people voice it, but no-one's listening...

"Send him back."

That'll upset Ken Clarke!