Tuesday 20 September 2011


Ex-Crown Prosecution Service manager Mr Goring, after strangling his wife over shopping channel debts:
He said that after the incident he had sat on the bed. He did not check on his wife's condition or call for help.

He told police: "I could only think about what I should do with the dog."
All those years in the CPS, and he couldn't come up with anything better than that for mitigation..?

H/T: Henry Crun via email


SBC said...

Sorry Joolz, you're wrong!

That mitigation is pure fucking genius.

He'll walk for sure...assuming the jury is made up of Brits.

Showing a caring attitude towards animals? That's a winning mitigation for a nation unable to stomach the idea of eating horse meat or where the RSPCA carry warrant cards.

That mitigation can only be topped by the all time great British excuse " Yes he raped, murdered and ate little blond girls...BUT he did grow such lovely roses and his lawn was beautiful"

Antisthenes said...

Strangling most of the CPS managers, now that would be an understandable mitigation.

Anonymous said...

The CPS won't find enough evidence to charge him anyway.

MTG said...

What a sad story. The Press withheld his name so I must assume that the poor doggy is a minor.

Hexe Froschbein said...

Erm, what did you expect?

That he strangled her by accident, sort of absentmindedly?

So, it would not make any sense to 'check her condition' (insert no parrot joke here).

Seems saner than most to me... and it shows he's not all that bad, after all, the dog is probably the only mensch in that family...

Wv: blenderi (yes, it BLENDS!)

Hexe Froschbein said...

It just occurred to me -- if his wife bankrupts them with her shopping mania,(I think) he is toast professionally, because he is going to get struck off.

More than one homeless bum has his kind of background, and if you add the damage that doing his job does to anyone's soul over time... well, I'm surprised not more of the people flip who have to keep dealing with the mad, bad people who use the CPS.

JuliaM said...

"That mitigation is pure fucking genius.

He'll walk for sure...assuming the jury is made up of Brits."

Given one of the stories I'm blogging today, you may well be right...

"The CPS won't find enough evidence to charge him anyway."


"...and it shows he's not all that bad..."