Thursday 29 September 2011

Quote Of The Month

From Angry Exile on Jon Snow's lack of professional detachment:
Veteran Channel 4 newsborg Jon Snow blogs on the eeeevil bankers, and specifically asks why they haven't been arrested, and by extension I imagine charged, tried, found guilty, purged, flayed, subjected to the Pear of Anguish and possibly also the Banana of Discomfort and the whole Fruit Salad of Much Inconvenience, and finally hung, drawn, quartered and buried in five limed graves each. But that may just be the impression I get.


Channel 4, aged 3 said...

Because to the left-leaning drones, the law exists to allow them to feel smug over selective 'issues', demand a 'social justice' that doesn't apply to their own lifestyle or that of their champagne-quaffing friends and most importantly, to enable them to be righteously indignant and thus mask the failings of that dismal desert called socialism.

SBC said...

When he, AE, turns a phrase then with all the skill of an old time Bodger.