Tuesday 26 February 2013

Another Day, Another 'Care In The Community' Success!

Former Broadmoor patient Peter Johnson is back in a secure psychiatric unit after attacking a woman with a hammer in her garden.
The pensioner hit Amanda Higgs on the head twice and her husband Michael in the face before Mrs Higgs grabbed the weapon from him.
Pensioner..? Yes. Peter Johnson is 71...
When approached by police he told them: "I need to speak to you about an incident. I've just hit two people over the head with a hammer."
But this time, they'll keep him behind secure walls, right?
On the recommendation of two psychiatrists, the judge also made a restriction order under which Johnson will be detained in a secure psychiatric unit 'without limit of time'.
Why do I not feel reassured?


Rob said...

It means they can release him whenever they like.

Ian Hills said...

Why not release them into the psychiatrists' communities?

James Higham said...

Wonder if it was a silver hammer.

JuliaM said...

"Wonder if it was a silver hammer"