Friday 15 February 2013

Oh, I'm So Delighted My Taxes Go To Support People Like This!

A twenty-stone thug broke a man’s collar-bone by squashing him following an argument in a pub.
Michael Eldin, of St Lawrence Avenue, Snaith, was told that by kneeling on electrician Daniel Watson with his bulky frame, he could legally have been considered to have used a weapon.
Not, one would assume, a concealed one?
Ian Philips, for Eldin, said his client had a partner and two children, but suffered ill-health and survived on benefits, and because of his thrombosis, was unable to complete a community punishment.
Survived? I'd say he's doing more than just bloody surviving! It's clear he's not living a hand to-mouth existence, is it?

Well, not in the usual meaning of the word, anyway.
Judge John Dowse told Eldin: “Twenty stones of you coming to rest on the complainant caused him a broken collar bone.
“I can imagine the court of appeal would regard this as using a weapon. I accept in this instance the offence was out of character. Nevertheless, violence of this sort, must be punished.
Well, what did you give him?
Eldin was given a four-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £200 compensation.


Woman on a Raft said...

If the man is well enough to get in to a fight, he is well enough to have his fitness for work reassessed. I know it means more bureaucrats but how about any appearance as a defendant in court should trigger a benefits review with an eye to reducing them?

Now, if he had put a lot of dog muck in a benefits office, not only would he be facing a fine but also automatic loss of benefits due to being banned. This, being an attack on a person, strikes me as a much worse offence.

Anonymous said...


Compensation of 200, how long was the victim off work for and how much in earnings did he lose? That is the level of compensation the man should have received. Also he hit the victims head against railings five times, he should have gone to jail for that. If he is fit enough to go drinking, fit enough to fight he is fit enough to work.

microdave said...

"A four-month suspended prison sentence"

Suspend him by the arms - that should prevent him stuffing his gob with junk, and get his weight down...

Snowman said...

That'll learn him. And deter other stupid, violent thugs from acting like they're in the jungle. Thank goodness for our robust justice system.

Anonymous said...

The quality of mercy etc.

Dappy avoids jail over petrol station brawl 15 Feb 2013: N-Dubz singer breaks down in tears in court after being given a six-month suspended sentence for assault and affray

N-Dubz rapper Dappy broke down in tears and shouted "Yes" when he avoided a prison term on Friday.

The singer was given a six-month sentence suspended for 18 months at Guildford crown court for assault and affray and ordered to do 150 hours of community service. He was also ordered to pay £4,500 compensation and £2,000 in costs.

The 25-year-old had faced a maximum sentence of three years in jail after being convicted in connection with a brawl at a petrol station in Guildford.

The court heard during a nine-day trial last month that the pop star became angry after two 19-year-old women refused to get into his car to go to a party at his recording studios, sparking a fight which led to three men being injured.

John Pickworth said...

My first thought was: "Die you fat fuck"

But now I've composed myself, I've come to realise that nature will probably deal with the problem. Age 47? He looks like he's well into his sixties, so I don't begrudge his modest benefits... If he survives on them for another 5 years I'll be very surprised.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Anonymous said...

The singer (WHAT THE FUCK has raop crap got to do with SINGING????)..... He was also ordered to pay £4,500 compensation and £2,000 in costs. XX


Here they are find "Tageslohn". That means it is worked out how much per day the bastard "earns", then he is fined.... "say" 20 Tage Tageslohn. (Twenty times one days pay)

Still laughable, (Considering how many actual DAYS they are fined,) but more "equitable" for both victim and justice.

Paul said...

'He survives on benefits', so the most cost effective and efficient penalty would be to withdraw those benefits. Then, maybe, he won't survive, thus no longer stealing the law abiding citizens' oxygen or tax.

Anonymous said...

Slightly at a tangent but I hope you are all following the trial of those hill-billies who (allegedly) set fire to their own house.
You may think they are exceptional in their disgusting chav-like behaviour but,apart from the huge number of children, I have met numerous people like them.Worth many blog-posts on their own Julia (and they appeared on Jeremy Kyle a few years ago).

MTG said...

Mr Eldin made no attempt to conceal a violent, lazy, stupid, greedy and useless character. He has no excuse for a life on benefits when a plod job is his for the asking and where his one skill is kneeded.

James Higham said...

Suspended sentence.

Well, of course.

Anonymous said...

Is 20 stone a serious thug weight inb the UK these days?
I thought you were all madly obese and 300lb was needed to qualify for heavyweight.

JuliaM said...

"If the man is well enough to get in to a fight, he is well enough to have his fitness for work reassessed."


"The quality of mercy etc. "

Yes, another 'Pigment Pass' perhaps?

"Slightly at a tangent but I hope you are all following the trial of those hill-billies who (allegedly) set fire to their own house."

Avidly! And, for once, I find myself unable to predict the outcome..

Anonymous said...

In the Dappy case. One man was left with a broken nose, the other with broken teeth.


Anonymous said...

Guilty as hell Julia-when I first saw them on TV I thought they had done it to get a bigger house,not to divorce one of the harem.
Even though they guessed correctly that they were being recorded by the police,they still talked about the case and had group sex.Scum of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Don't like this bullshit about doing a knee drop on someone=using a weapon. If you end up fighting with some chav and knock him down, a knee drop is an ideal way to finish him and make sure he(or she) doesn't get back up to resume the fight. Good people can use this tactic just as well as bad ones and use it on the bad ones.