Friday 1 February 2013

Yes, Indeed We Do, Judge!

January 2011:
"We live in soft times" – those were the words of a Bristol judge who was recommended to spare a burglar jail.
Judge Julian Lambert said he despaired of current sentencing guidelines when he was handed a probation report advising him not to send Southmead man Daniel Rogers to prison for breaking into a house.
January 2013:
Judge Julian Lambert, sitting with two magistrates for the appeal, reduced the sentence to 10 weeks in prison.
He told her: "You yourself know the way you treated your children was utterly despicable.
"The neglect was terrible and we are appalled by what you did and fearful for any child in your custody."
But he added that she had only been charged with a single count and was entitled to credit for her plea so reduced the prison term to 10 weeks.
What a difference a couple of years makes. Or...was it something else?

I suppose we're lucky he didn't offer to give her some money!

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