Monday 4 February 2013

It's Time For Another Round Of 'Guess The Music Genre'!

The last one was such fun!
Three men received nasty injuries when they were assaulted during...
*anticipation builds*
...a drum and bass evening in Bristol.
Arc Bar, on Broad Street, held a drum and bass and dub-step night and while at the bar three men were assaulted.
The men were punched and caused injuries; one man had a broken jaw, another had a nose laceration and missing teeth and the third had a laceration to his eye.
Ah, that's more like it! Any description of the attackers?
The assaults were reported to police, who are investigating the incident. It is believed there were two or three offenders and they were described as having the appearance of bodybuilders.
Hmmm... Off-duty cops?


Dr Cromarty said...

Well it wasn't going to be a string quartet or a plainchant schola.

JuliaM said...