Thursday 14 February 2013

But ID Chips Are The Answer!

“This has had a huge affect (sic) on Greg and my mum.
Greg served as a guide dog for years and he didn't deserve this to happen to him and all we wanted was justice for him and that hasn't happened.
The owner hasn’t even apologised to us and wasn’t even fined. Instead the Guide Dogs charity that rely on donations to keep going had to pay Greg’s vets bills which were around £1,400.”
Gosh, another lax sentence on the guilty party. How surprising!
Jo Cottam who was forced to pull the dog off her partially sighted mum’s faithful companion, Greg, had been told the bulldog’s owner could face having the animal destroyed.
But Howard George Thomas Smith, 38, of Surrey Street, Balby, who admitted being the owner of a dog which was dangerous and not kept under proper control, was instead handed a more lenient sentence.
He was ordered by Doncaster magistrates to keep his American bulldog Buster on a lead at all times, muzzled at all times and is only allowed out in public between 10pm and midnight.
Useless as a chocolate fireguard...


selsey.steve said...

Then perhaps the chap in the post immediately below this one could lend a hand (or two).

JuliaM said...

Heh! Serendipity!