Sunday 10 February 2013

"...'ole in the ground, so big an' sort o' round..."

Oooh, you're not kidding!

Police were called to the rush hour incident in Whalley Range, Manchester, at 7.15am. The road was closed while fire crews winched the car out.
Luckily, the driver escaped without injury. Alarmed witnesses said that firefighters were reluctant to get too close to the car in case more of the road surface gave way.
Meanwhile, in Norfolk:

That's a better approach than the one taken by Dorset council, I must say....

H/T: Dave Ward


Banned From Banham Zoo said...

Julie, yow do know tha po' dook has a differen' meanin' in Norfook....?

Any time you hear someone from Norfolk talking about 'filling holes' is a good time to hit the A11 southbound...

JuliaM said...