Saturday 2 February 2013

Blimey, Worse Timing Than Inspector Gadget!

Wednesday morning:

Tuesday morning:

Yeah - whinging about restrictions on those committed because they are 'suffering from schizophrenia and other severe disorders' and professing 'concern' that 'some hospitals have allowed cultures to develop where control and containment are prioritised over treatment and care' isn't going to go down so well after that, is it?
Aside from the fact that autonomy is regarded as a virtue in its own right, its denial is usually distressing. Indeed, a compulsory admission to hospital is often experienced as traumatic, sometimes leading to the same kind of post-trauma symptoms experienced by victims of assault or life-threatening events.
What sort of 'life-threatening events', Richard?

You mean like the mother whose son sawed her head off before hiding naked in a bin, or the 'extremely dangerous' Samurai sword wielder, or the poor innocent bystander knifed to death by a schizophrenic 'care in the community' patient?

That sort of 'life-threatening event'?

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