Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Strange Sort Of ‘Respect’…

…but then again, what else would one expect?
The surrounding streets were gridlocked as mourners parked wherever they could find in order to pay their last respects.
How lovely! Meanwhile, some high-speed bandwagon jumping is ongoing:
Coun Dad, who is also Lancashire county councillor for Accrington West, said that although the cause of the crash was still being investigated, he wanted to bring up the issue of safety on Hyndburn Road with the authority’s highways committee.
He added: “We need to learn lessons from these things. I would request the appropriate people look to see how we can make sure nothing like this ever happen again.
“I will certainly be looking to see if we can look at any traffic calming or accident prevention measures.”
This (dangerous driving) seems to be quite a prevalent pastime in certain areas, so it’s hard to see what would do the trick.

Answers on a postcard, perhaps?


Trevor said...

...headteacher at Spring Hill Primary School, where four of Aurang and Rafique’s 14 children go to school, also attended, alongside three other members of staff.

In the words of the immortal bard, Stanley Unwin: Deep joy.

Anonymous said...

I mistakenly credited Aurang Zeb and Rafique Khan as stars of that breathtaking Saudi drifting video.

But I was relieved to learn they had exercised the forethought to conduct a comparable spectacle on these shores. This ensured that future maintenance of all dependents, some sixteen children and six wives, would transfer to UK taxpayers in an act of posthumous fraud.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, these parasites are up there with pikeys!

Kath Lissenden said...

Removing driving licences from some sections of the community would be a start, trouble is most of certain sections of society already drive without licenses and insurance now anyway, and if you take and crush their cars they just seem to find the cash to buy a new one.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX as Aurang’s body was driven through the terraced streets towards Manchester Airport. XX

Bit late to deport the bastard NOW!

Anonymous said...


These people should be treated the same way they are treated throughout the Middle East by the co-religionists, that is with the utmost contempt.

They do nothing to engender respect or humanity.

The good side is there is two less of them, the bad is the number of offspring they have sired.

JuliaM said...

"Removing driving licences from some sections of the community would be a start..."

Indeed so!

"Bit late to deport the bastard NOW!"