Wednesday 12 April 2017

Do You Really Feel 'Part Of The Neighbourhood'?

Representatives of the Stanley Road Medina Mosque last month put forward the proposal to expand the front of the building, which is used by some 700 Muslim worshippers, and modernise the facilities.
The project at one of the city's eight mosques, received a hostile response from neighbours, with Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder also joining in with the condemnation, citing over-development and the building's proposed appearance as reasons for objection.
Oxford needs eight mosques..? Eight!?
Following Oxford City Council approval, mosque chairman Sadat Khan sought to allay fears and re-assure the community.
I wonder what he'd have done if he lost?
“With the neighbours’ concerns, it was a bit disappointing because we were not involved in the discussions.
“I believe that if we get together then we can work together because we feel we are a part of that neighbourhood. We want to do our bit to alleviate their concerns.”
If you really felt 'part of the neighbourhood' why would you need to build a huge building proclaiming your separate nature from that neighbourhood?


MTG said...

Here in Huddersfield, Kirklees has ways of making one feel 'part of the neighbourhood' (have you finally ditched your American spellcheck, Julia?) with new developments sporting even taller minarets, domes and mihrabs, as viewed from the Town Hall.

The Cowboy Online said...

I'm sure, as time goes by, they'll more and more feel like they're part of the neighbourhood. Hell, I expect they'll end up feeling the neightbourhood is theirs. Won't it be great, a real showcase of multiculturalism, when Oxford joins London in not being a majority British population part of the country.

JuliaM said...

"...(have you finally ditched your American spellcheck, Julia?)..."

Occasionally, I get the better of it... ;)

"Hell, I expect they'll end up feeling the neightbourhood is theirs."

I think they already do.