Saturday 1 April 2017

The Longest Pleasure Pier Money Sink In The World!

Southend Pier is set to get a £300,000 facelift with a new, larger entrance and reception area. The council has submitted an application to demolish the existing amusement arcade, which it owns, to the west of the pier.
Those awful cuts, remember? The ones squeezing councils, making them unable to pay for vital services?
Ann Holland, councillor responsible for culture, tourism and the economy, said: “The plans to redesign the entrance to the pier are our way of showing our intentions to improve one of Southend’s most iconic landmarks.
"...with you suckers', err, I mean council ratepayers' money..."
“By making these improvements, which are part of a continued and multimillion pound investment in the pier, we hope to make the entrance more attractive and appealing to visitors, and develop a sustainable income for years to come.”
You have got to be kidding me! What's 'sustainable' about this?


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

They have the same problem in Blackpool. The town has some of the most poverty stricken areas, the same claims to be cash strapped and the same need to spend cash they claim not to have on bullshit works of so called art.

JuliaM said...

Southend High Street is dying on its feet and the stabbing & mugging rate is rising. Plus I can't walk from the train station to the office without being accosted by several beggars.

I'm seriously thinking of moving back to a job in London as a result. It wasn't like this when I started working here 9 years ago.