Monday 17 April 2017

Robbing Us Blind....

Speaking at an earlier hearing, Westminster Magistrate Jessica Baldwin said: 'Tezangi disguised herself with wigs to take the tests for the five other women.'
Out of a sense of duty and sympathy for their plight, naturally!
Caroline Jackson, defefending Tezangi, told the court that out of her fee, she was forced to pay for the test and the hire of the vehicle and took home very little. 'It was out of a desire to help others - she was hearing stories of desperation of how these people's inability to drive was causing huge difficulties and she agreed to do it on that basis,' she said.
And this compassion for her fellows led her into crime, despite a blameless life?

Well, no. Not exactly.
Tezangi has a previous conviction for theft for stealing a letter while working as a sorter for Royal Mail, for which she was jailed for 18 months.
So what was so wrong with their lives that they needed her assistance?
Ehigbor claimed she had heard about Tezangi's scam through a friend at a party and agreed to hire her 'in a moment of madness'. She said she would use her husband's vehicle but only drove short journeys on average once a week.
Oh, well, that's OK then.
Olawuyi, a hostess at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, said she had been desperate for a driving licence because she was trying to bring up three young children as a single mother.
Barry said she had a licence in her home country of Guinea but failed it a number of times through nerves. She said she had been struggling as a single mother to her autistic son, surviving only on child tax credits and child benefits.
*narrows eyes*
Mpiri, a single mother of four, said she had been struggling in daily tasks like the school run without a car and had become frustrated at the amount of time it was taking to pass her test.
Omango, who works as a cleaner, said she was finding it hard to look after six children.
FFS! Deport the lot of 'em!

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Dr Evil said...

Foreigners on benefits and criminals now too. They should all be deported.

Woman on a Raft said...

What is a hospital hostess? I have looked on the hospital website but such a job description is not mentioned there.

Oi you said...

I see the Daily Mail is no longer accepting comments on this article. Wonder why that is? The one comment allowed was quite succint and to the point: Tip of the iceberg. Exactly!


James Higham said...

'A desire to help others' - will have to remember that one.

Andy said...

Deporting that lot would require a large ship. I do hope it doesn't pose a shipping hazard when it goes down.

JuliaM said...

"They should all be deported."

Indeed. But I suspect they won't be.

"What is a hospital hostess?"

I did wonder if it was a fanciful term for 'dinner trolly pusher'...

"Deporting that lot would require a large ship. I do hope it doesn't pose a shipping hazard when it goes down."