Saturday 8 April 2017

For Fox Sake…

A dog has been fighting for its life after a fox attack in what the owner has called an 'epidemic.'
Fabulous, a two-year-old Russian Toy Terrier, went into cardiac arrest yesterday after he was bitten and thrown in the air by a fox on March 9.
What sort of terrier is the victim of a fox? I think the clue is in the name 'toy terrier'.

And sure enough, it's one of those spindly-legged, bulgy-eyed, hamster-sized yappy beasts so beloved of modern dog owners. Named 'Fabulous'...

And what prompted this attack? Was little Fabulous seen as lunch?
“It is getting out of hand, I’m scared this is going to keep happening. The vixens have had cubs, there could be 20 foxes from now until September.”
Samantha said she thinks more should be done to help dog owners.
“The Vixens will only become more aggressive because of their cubs.”
What should be 'done to help dog owners', then, Samantha? Do we need an urban Jim Corbett to set up a machan in your garden at night?


Antisthenes said...

We could rescind the ban on fox hunting. Banning fox hunting has as predicted increased the size and nuisance value of the fox population especially in urban areas where there are rich pickings for them. Another good intention that has resulted in not so good consequences. We humans have tried all manner of things to do harm to ourselves. So now we are trying to see if we can drown ourselves in the pool of bad consequences arising from good intentions

Michael said...

Indeed, had it been the other way round and your dog bit the "poor widdle fox" then obviously you are a "toff" and would be in the Nick before you knew what was going on for an RSPCA sponsored show trial where you would be found guilty of Thoughtcrime and sent to the Ministry of Love for reconditioning.

Pcar said...

Agree with above comments.

What UK needs is a law banning subsidies and banning.

To the whining woman - bad things happen, if you can't accept that then don't own a pet. Grow a spine, stiff upper lip and all that.

JuliaM said...

"We could rescind the ban on fox hunting."

I'm not sure a bunch of blokes galloping down the local high street behind a pack of hounds will help...

"...and would be in the Nick before you knew what was going on for an RSPCA sponsored show trial ..."


"What UK needs is a law banning subsidies and banning."

Or politicians with the backbone to say 'You want what? Get outta here!'...