Thursday 13 April 2017

How Does This Chap Manage To Walk The Streets?

A Michelin star restaurant and hotel has been urged to make its policy on guide dogs clearer after a blind woman was refused entry because its chef has a fear of the animal.
No, it seems Islam isn't  - for once - the main culprit here.
However, today a national blind charity said it had contacted the venue over the issue because they weren’t adhering to legislation about how such a situation should be handled.
So, what's the issue? A 'misunderstanding' about legislation?
The Equality Act 2010 states that service providers should make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for disabled people to gain the same level of service as the rest of public, which may mean changing policy to allow assistance dogs onto the premises.
However, the owners of the Neptune Inn stated that this was not possible as they are only a small business and don’t have the staff to allow the owner, who is also the chef, the time off to let the dog in the building.
What the f...? This is Norfolk, for heaven's sake! If this chap (one Kevin Mangeolles, apparently) has such a crippling fear of dogs, he must have agoraphobia too - there's probably more mutts than people!

And if true, then he has a disability as well. And can apply for a certificate to prove it, like taxi drivers must have, in order to be 'allowed' to breach disability rulings.

Something else is going on here, clearly. I can't get to the bottom of exactly what, though...
They added they try to be as inclusive as possible and have made arrangements for disabled guests to visit in the past, but said this time it was not possible and the situation had caused them a great deal of anxiety and concern.
Well, yes. If I proffered such a pitiful excuse for breaking disability legislation, I'd be a bit anxious and concerned about the potential PR disaster, too...
They declined to comment further.
At least they realise 'When in a hole, stop digging'...

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